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We have created a quick and easy online enrollment form for you to complete your registration. You may also download the Enrollment Form.

Upon completion of the application form, a Westcoast Connection representative will be in touch to confirm enrollment and to answer any questions you may have.

Prices listed on our website are in US funds.

Canadian residents currently enrolling pay in Canadian funds at the current favourable exchange rate of 27% (1.27 times the posted tuition). Canadian residents click here for full Enrollment Terms and Conditions.

Tuition Payments

All Tuition Payments are fully refundable until February 1, 2019.

A deposit of $500 is required at the time of enrollment followed by a $1,500 payment due February 1st.
For enrollment after February 1st, $2,000 is required upon enrollment. The remaining balance is due by check April 1st.

Enrollment is welcome after April 1st until the departure date as long as spaces remain. It is best to check with us on the availability of your desired program. For registration after April 1st, full payment is required upon enrollment.

Deposit With Application February 1 If Applying After Feb 1
$500 $1,500 $2,000

Refund Policy

Any cancellations must be in writing and our refund policy is as follows:

Prior to February 1 All Tuition Payments are fully refundable.
February 1 to March 31 $500 is non-refundable for all trips in the USA & Canada only, and $1,000 for all other programs.
April 1 to April 30 $1,000 is non-refundable plus any non-refundable airfare.
May 1 to May 31 $2,000 is non-refundable plus any non-refundable airfare.
June 1 until departure The greater amount of 50% of trip fee or $3,000 is non-refundable; plus any non-refundable airfare.
From Departure date on There is no refund for cancellation on departure date or after.

After February 1st, changing from one trip to another will result in cancellation fees from the initial trip selected.

Trip cancellation & interruption insurance is strongly recommended & information will be forwarded upon enrollment. You can see more details at Trip Insurance.

Click here to see the full Enrollment Terms and Conditions