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Major League Madness has been an absolute blast for the past few days and we are excited to recap the happenings since we last wrote. Our third and final day in Chicago got off to a jolting start as we visited the Navy Pier for a speedboat ride on Lake Michigan. Waves were splashing on board and everyone was exhilarated by the speed at which we rode around. Brad and Caeden made the most out of the experience. They were brave enough to sit at the back of the boat where passengers got soaked by the sea!

At the White Sox game afterward, Kevin joined Griffin, Jared and Jordan for the best seats in the house. The boys sat in the first row along the first base line for the game’s entirety and were actually featured on the Canadian broadcast of the game during a pause in the action! The boys were later treated to some famous deep-dish pizza. Andy made it his mission to get the most out of the unique culinary experience and was the only one to finish all of his pizza crust, a tough task given the nature of the pie.


After a day of bonding on the bus, we finally arrived in Pittsburgh. Everyone was eager to go bowling after the long commute but Ben was looking forward to it the most. Little did we know but he is a great bowler and he managed to put up a higher score than every other trip member.


The following morning, we finally got a real taste of an MLB stadium at the PNC Park tour. Considered the best-looking park in the league, we took in the views and were able to step onto the field and into the dugout. It was cool to experience things from a new vantage point after having watched multiple games from the stands. We arrived early for the game in the afternoon in order to give the group some time to seek out signatures from the athletes and the plan worked out brilliantly. Those trip members pestering the athletes got up to eight signatures on their memorabilia – Jack R. got his running shoes signed by an all-star pitcher and Jake G. got his new hat signed by a few players as well. They were both thrilled with their new relics. The game went into extra innings and nobody was as excited about the outcome as Jonnie, who relentlessly prayed for a Pirates walk-off win (his wish came true in the 14th inning).

Baseball Teen Tour


PNC Park in Pittsburgh was glorious but we needed to keep the good times rolling by heading to Cleveland in the A.M. for our next ballgame. Caeden managed to meet an Indians player before the game and snap a selfie with him. The athlete was great with the kids and I’m sure they’ll remember that moment forever. In addition, those selfies are definitely an early candidate for picture of the trip. Our seats at the game were behind home plate and everyone enjoyed a wicked view of both pitchers’ performances.


Later in the day, we broke Color War to the boys by pulling off a little joke. We’ll spare you the details, but the trip members were all fooled and taken off guard by the announcement. The first Color War event took place at Whirly Ball where four teams competed in a tournament to determine a winner. We will be holding numerous events over the next few days and will be sure to update you as the events progress! For now, we are set to enjoy the MLB all-star break and the state of Ohio. We have some awesome games planned and cannot wait to relay the stories to you all. Until next time!

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Westcoast Moves East – Major League Madness

We got to enjoy Noah’s birthday in true Chicago style at Gino’s Deep Dish Pizza. The kids have been waiting for authentic Chicago pizza since the trip began. This dinner stop was certainly a highlight as the kids are still raving about their meal.

Our last day in Chicago was certainly one of our most action-packed! We explored the city by bike. Whether the kids were on their own or on a tandem, everyone enjoyed the adventure and even more so, an appreciation for the beauty of this massive city. After the bike ride, we took pictures in front of the famous reflective bean sculpture, had lunch on the Navy Pier, and then checked out the Magnificent Mile which is the main shopping district of downtown Chicago and it was definitely a worthwhile experience for the boys.

That night will go down in Baseball Trip history as one of the most fun of all time. We had dinner at a great restaurant in the busy Old Town Chicago called Benchmark, and from there, we headed over to Second City for a comedy show to remember. Second City has been the starting point for many famous comedians and this night lived up to the billing. You’ll definitely want to ask them about the show when we get home! The jokes from the show have become a mainstay on our bus rides.

Jake M is our sole trip member from Chicago and was a tremendous host to us as the passion that he shows for his hometown definitely made our trip as a whole that much more enjoyable there.

The next morning we flew to Boston so that we could include iconic Fenway on our tour. We headed straight to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for lunch where the kids enjoyed a massive lunch selection, followed by the Boston Duck Tour. We rode around a bus through the city with comic commentary by our conDUCKtor educating us about local sights and then our bus transformed into a boat for a splashdown into the Charles River. Congrats to Jared R, rated our top driver of the amphibious craft by the tour guide.

Our day in Boston was highlighted by the most anticipated ball park on our trip, Fenway Park. Even though the most popular team on our trip is the Yankees (led by super Yankees fan Adam), everyone appreciated the history and the structure of Fenway Andrew and Jack B got lucky and received an autograph by Fernando Rodney of the Rays, who was not eager to do any signings at all. But our Westcoast boys are as patient and respectful as they come, and Rodney was happy to sign for them. Great job guys!!

Off to Washington, 3 more games to come. This trip is going by too quickly.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Slow down!!! We’re not ready to go yet!!!!

Major League Madness in Chicago

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Are you a fan of the sport? Enjoy this amazing baseball tour experience through America’s eastern, midwestern or both with Westcoast Connection.

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