Summer Leaders

Our summer leadership team is made up of unique individuals who place safety first and are skilled in creating a fun, dynamic, and inclusive environment. Every staff member has completed our rigorous screening of personal interviews, reference checks, and criminal background checks, as well as our in-depth training program. Take a moment to meet some of our outstanding leaders. They are definitely worth following!

Danny Schiff

Danny grew up on the beaches of Florida, earning his degree in education from the University of Florida, and spending his weekends surfing and training for triathlons. Danny has led 18 programs over 10 summers with Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel. When he isn’t building homes with Habitat for Humanity in Maui, surfing waves in Costa Rica or hiking at Macchu Picchu in his summers with our students, he has been teaching math at boarding schools in Japan, North Carolina, and currently in Switzerland. Danny finds it too difficult to choose his favorite part of a 360° program – the family-like groups he helps to form, the life changing service projects or the exciting adventure activities. He brings a special energy to every program he directs and allows each and every one of his trip members to leave with a unique appreciation for the destinations they have visited and the people they have met.

Adam Chaim

For more than 10 years, Adam has led our trips through the southwestern USA, the slopes of Canada, the historical sights of Europe and the beaches of Australia. After graduating McGill University with a Bachelor of Health & Physical Education, Adam moved to Toronto to pursue his career as a High School Health & Physical Ed Teacher (now Athletic Director) and personal trainer. Adam has lived overseas to help fulfill his passion for travel, and has walked the Great Wall of China, gone SCUBA diving with Aussie sharks, zip lined the rainforests of Costa Rica, and observed a colony of elephants in the bushes of Africa… and this is just the tip of the iceberg. His most recent accomplishment was completing his first IRONMAN triathlon. Adam is always looking forward to the summer because his personal connections with each trip member make him feel as though he is seeing each place for the first time.

Matt Danbrook

Matt joined the Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel gang in 2004 and has led nearly 500 students in their global travels. When he is not traveling the world, he is continuing his graduate work in School Psychology and has a Master’s degree in Child and Youth Studies. It has been his experience and philosophy to learn about people and the world through travel. Matt has visited and/or lived in over 75 cities around the world, in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. He is passionate about working with teens and loves making sure every student feels respected, safe and is having fun. He pours everything he has into each program he leads and is looking forward to seeing you on our next adventure!


Charlsie Hanson

A native Vermonter, Charlsie now hails from the Sunshine state. Charlsie first found the magic of camping as a six year old at an overnight camp in New England, and has since spent almost every summer of her life as a camper, a staff member, or a program director. She holds a Master of Education degree in Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, MA. Charlsie has worked as part of our enrollment team and her passion is for leading our trip members every summer. In her free time, she likes to be outside hiking with her dog, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, experimenting in the kitchen, or sitting on her porch with a good book. She always looks forward to the summer and to providing our travelers with incredible summer experiences.

Anna Zuck

Anna graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Science and in Physical and Health Education, and then went on to complete her Bachelor of Education as a secondary school teacher. She grew up sailing, kayaking and swimming on the waterfront both attending and working at summer camps for 15 years. In her 8th year directing and supervising programs, Anna has now led programs on 4 continents and in 8 different countries in our Global Adventure, Community Service, Active Teen Tour, and Family Vacations divisions! From riding elephants in South Africa or skiing in the Rockies, to traveling and living in any number of countries like China, Thailand or Australia, Anna is known for her passion for travel, trying new and exciting foods, exploring other cultures, and service learning. You can tell that her heart and soul go into each and every program she runs, and she truly makes sure each trip member has THE experience of a lifetime.

Julie Butterworth

Julie joined Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel team back in 2003 after many summers working at summer camps in Ontario and in Maine. She has been a camp counselor, a waterfront director and program director and continues to shine throughout the year as a Special Education teacher with a focus on students with autism. She has led programs in our Active Teen Tour, Community Service and Global Adventure divisions. Whether whitewater rafting on the west coast, working at the Boys & Girls Club in Hawaii, exploring fjords in Alaska, hangin’ ten in Costa Rica, or working in a primary school in South Africa, Julie is an avid traveler, always planning her next world adventure. After her recent yearlong volunteer/work exchange trip in Rwanda, Julie is a kindergarten teacher.

Samantha Halpern

Sam has unparalleled passion for working with teens and puts this drive and excitement into each of the programs that she leads. Sam hails from Toronto and has completed her Master’s of Teaching at the University of Toronto, after completing a Life Sciences degree at McMaster University. She grew up going to summer camp as a child, before she moved on and started to work at them! She is currently a fulltime Physical and Health Education teacher and in her free time plays ultimate Frisbee and is currently learning how to play hockey. Sam is known for her smile, her dedication and commitment. She has run programs in California, Costa Rica, Australia and Europe. During her programs you may find her pulling out her camera and capturing the breathtaking views, practicing another favorite hobby of hers, photography.

Jason Ganz

Jason joined the team over 20 years ago and has played an integral role in building our internal Active Teen Tours. During the summer, Jason brings his many experiences leading, directing and supervising programs in Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, and the United States and planning our European programs to his current role as Company Director. During the school year, Jason can be found teaching his 7th grade class in Toronto. Jason is an avid snowboarder who can also be founding biking or just relaxing reading a good book. Jason is known for his commitment to “Each & Every” and ensuring that all participants have the summer of a lifetime.

Julie Gonneau

Julie grew up on the east coast of Canada. She holds undergraduate degrees in Science from the University of New Brunswick and Education from McGill and recently finished her Master’s in Education from the University of Alberta. It was during her McGill summers that she joined our family and she has been hooked ever since. After earning her education degree, she spent six years in Montreal teaching high school science, coaching basketball and leading international school trips to Costa Rica and Italy. She has also worked as a student advisor for Queen’s Engineering where she traveled to Botswana to prepare incoming students to study in Canada. Julie currently teaches high school Biology & Physics. She loves a good road trip and has driven across Canada, from California to Alaska and all around Europe. She has also spent time in Africa, Australia and Central America. This will be Julie’s 15th summer. She has led many of our Community Service and Global Adventures programs before becoming a Company Director. Julie enjoys camping, rock climbing, Pilates, running, cooking and volunteering locally. Her summers working on service projects with youth and local communities have been hugely rewarding and keep her coming back.

Nick Mouracade

Nick is a perennial traveler and student! He was born in the Middle East, raised in Montreal, and has lived in Ottawa, Vancouver, Vienna, and in Porto Alegre, Brazil where he taught high school social studies for two years. His degrees are in IT Management and Education and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has travelled to 36 countries and still counting! He joined the Westcoast family in 2005, has led trips on four continents, and hasn’t looked back since! His philosophy with both his students and trip members exploring the world is to pour all his energy into ensuring that they challenge and better themselves, in a dynamic and upbeat, family-like environment. His favorite moments are the cultural discoveries, and interactions the trip members and he have with the various communities they meet and work with. He mostly enjoys when they put on a traditional show and the trip members get right in there and dance with them! The language barrier is broken by music and dancing. Additional passions are photography, hiking and learning a new language or two!