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Global Adventures

ON TOUR Spain - 12 Days

12 Days

Not Available

  • Completing Grades

    11, 12

  • Departure Dates
    July 13 - July 24
  • What's Included
    Global Adventure


    Group Size

    Up to 26 participants


    We travel by a private motor coach between cities and occasionally use public transportation (metro and bus) within cities.

    Price Includes

    All lodging, breakfast and dinner daily, recreation & entertainment listed, public transportation tickets, airport transfers in designated times, gratuities and taxes.

    Similar Programs

    This ON TOUR program is for students completing 11th and 12th grades. This itinerary is also offered for students completing 9th and 10th grades as Spain -12 Day.

    For European itineraries traveling by private motor coach with no public transportation, please see our 19 Day and 28 Day ON TOUR European Experience.

    This amazing experience begins by joining our ON TOUR Spain & Portugal – 28 day program for the last 12 days.

ON TOUR trips are specifically for older students completing 11th and 12th grades.

Culture, sophistication, nightlife, and cuisine are just a few treats waiting for you on this exciting student travel program designed for the older teen traveler. Marvel at the masterpieces of Picasso, Gaudi, and Dali as you browse the museums and take in the architectural sights adorning the streets of Spain. Delight your palette at the Boqueria Market and explore the medieval streets of Girona. You will travel like a local and explore off the beaten path neighborhoods. When your twelve days are up, you will wish it was longer!

  • Flight To Seville, Spain

    For participants on this program, we help you coordinate your flight times and greet you upon arrival in Seville, Spain.

    For your return from Barcelona, we offer a chaperoned flight to New York. For travelers from other areas, you may choose to join that flight and arrange transfers at suitable times from New York after the group has cleared customs and immigration in the USA; or you may fly from Barcelona to your home city and our leaders help you to check-in and remain in the airport until flights in designated times have departed.

  • Seville - Flamenco & Bullfighting

    The “city of towers” is the center of bullfighting and flamenco dance. Visit the Royal Palace, the Cathedral and the Barrio Santa Cruz. Take a flamenco dance class and appreciate its real art at an exciting live show. (Note: The ON TOUR Spain 12 day program begins with students joining those who are on our 28 day ON TOUR Spain & Portugal program for the last 12 days.)

  • Granada - The Medieval City

    Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Granada is rich with history and is home to one of the most visited sites in the world, the Alhambra. Your guided tour of this 12th century Moorish palace and fortification promises to be a highlight. Visit the Cathedral and Royal Chapel, home of the remains of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Explore the narrow streets of the Albaicin full of local merchants, visit gypsy caves or simply enjoy a cafe con leche in the famous Plaza Nueva.

  • Barcelona- The Cosmopolitan Metropolis

    Experience magical Catalan culture and stroll through Plaza Cataluna, Plaza de Espana, and along the Gran Via. Discover Gaudi, including famous Park Guell mosaics. Visit the famous Cathedral Sagrada Familia, the Gothic signature to the Barcelona skyline. Stroll the very happening Las Ramblas down to the harbor front for colorful street performers. Savor local cuisine and feast on tapas in the Old Gothic Quarter. Enjoy creating your own local culinary delights during an evening at an authentic Spanish cooking school. Relax, swim and suntan on famous Barcelonetta Beach. Experience the evening spectacle of light, water and color at Montjuïc! After four amazing weeks, it is time to bid adios to this incredible country and your many new friends.

Novotel Sevilla – Seville, Spain

Our hotel is located in the heart of the city and offers amazing views from the roof top swimming pool. Seville is Spain’s 4th largest city and is best known for flamenco music and tapas.

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Sercotel Gran Luna – Granada

This premium hotel is centrally located in Granada’s city center making it just a short walk away from all the attractions. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, a sun terrace, a gym and an outdoor pool.

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Hotel Evenia Rocafort – Barcelona, Spain

This modern hotel is centrally located in the Sant Antoni district, just a short walk from the Montjuic and the Las Arenas Center built inside the former bullring of Barcelona.

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Safety and supervision, our #1 priority – no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

At Westcoast Connection nothing else comes first. From our extensive trip planning department through our management team and our leaders, it is our single biggest priority! Safety procedures, equipment – we’ve got it covered. All Trip Leaders and Directors are certified in First Aid and CPR. We are extremely proud of our safety record and welcome all questions you may have in this area. Please see more under Safety First.

Trustworthy staff – leaders worth following!

Once you are on your trip, you will have sensitive leaders that are caring, approachable and always there for you. Your Trip Director and Trip Leaders are people with incredible backgrounds including teachers, guitar players, IRONMAN triathletes, SCUBA divers, volunteers, and so much more.

Every staff member takes part in and must complete our extensive training weekends that review our philosophy and procedures to provide a well-supervised and fun-filled program.

Our Trip Directors, the individuals responsible for overseeing each itinerary, take on the roles of teachers, coaches, camp counselors, mentors, concierges and hosts. They’ve been trained to provide individual attention and create an all-inclusive family atmosphere (our EACH & EVERY philosophy). There’s a definite art to building dynamic groups, and we’ve worked hard to master it! We want you smiling on day one right through to a teary goodbye at your farewell banquet.

Our leaders are non-smokers. To learn more about our staff, please visit our Summer Leaders section.

Group Dynamics – And Very Dynamic Groups

We can’t say it too many times, this is a really incredible group experience. This small group experience greatly enhances development of a warm and welcoming family environment. A great dynamic starts with our secrets for group bonding. Our bag of tricks goes way beyond traditional ice breakers. Imagine people hunts, Rock, Paper, Scissors championships, Ninja tournaments, flash mobs and so much more. We work hard to get everyone moving beyond first impressions and creating an atmosphere of total acceptance. Our staff hiring and training emphasizes social safety and establishing an inclusive culture. Many of our travelers come as individuals and we have a geographically diverse enrollment. This mix helps eliminate cliques at the outset and establish an open environment that benefits you. We take great care in assembling groups to create an unforgettable social experience.

Perfectly Planned. Perfectly Paced – It’s Not Just a Slogan!

Your summer of a lifetime starts with us carefully crafting the perfect program. Our team is dedicated year round to creating exciting, meaningful experiences! You have a detailed itinerary, but not one that is so rigid that you lose chances for spontaneity! Our Trip Planning Department pays painstaking attention to detail, sweating the small stuff so that your summer experience is stress free. Our trips are designed with a very logical flow: action, adventure and excitement balanced with structured downtime and relaxation. There is a reason our itineraries are known to be “Perfectly Planned. Perfectly Paced.” Our year-round team has over 420 summers combined working with teenagers and we understand what you’re looking for. We describe our trips in as much detail as these web pages allow, but to truly appreciate the flow of a particular program, please speak with us to review the trip of your choice.

Active Travel Experiences – The Perfect Balance Of Adventure, Culture & Nightlife.

Planning teen trips is of course a science. But it is also an art. We know when to pick up the pace to get the adrenaline flowing. We also know when it’s time to chill on the beach or have a sleep in. As you review our European itineraries, know that we have worked year after year to make every minute of every day just right.

If we’re not seeing the sights, eating like there’s no tomorrow or resting up because there is a tomorrow we’re out there playing – Flamenco dance lessons, and touring Barcelona by bike. Cultural and historical sites include the Picasso Museum, Gaudi’s House of Bones, La Sagrada Familia, and Boqueria Market. Nightlife ranges from modern dance clubs to Spanish cooking school, and even a live Flamenco show. Your European program will take you “off the beaten path” and allow you to experience Europe!

But “active” also means you get to play a big part in how the summer turns out. We want you engaged and are interested in what you have to say. You have a role in this trip and how it gets molded.

On Tour For Completing 11th & 12th Grades – A Unique Balance Of Independence & Structure.

Our ON TOUR programs are specifically designed for students completing 11th and 12th grades. These itineraries offer more personal choice than our Active Teen Tours for students completing 9th & 10th grades. Itineraries are filled with the best activities, sights and nightlife. Then you have the time to do some safe exploring in smaller groups of your choice to find that local bistro or funky boutique you’ll be telling them about back home. ON TOUR features added nightlife, later curfews and a different balance of independence that older teens crave with the structure parents expect.

Leadership & Lifelong Learning – So Much More Than Amazing Activities And Sights.

There is so much more to a teen travel experience than just traveling. Summer after summer we love nothing more than the feedback from parents sharing with us that their son or daughter has matured, has become more confident and outgoing, is more poised, more responsible and more worldly having had not just the summer of a lifetime, but a life changing experience as well. It’s amazing how much growth can occur when you are traveling and sharing the experience with incredible people in a warm and welcoming environment.

As you travel overseas and experience other cultures and customs first hand, your perception will change as your understanding of and empathy for citizens of other countries naturally grows. Whereas prior to your travels media headlines about a foreign government may have led to generalized conclusions, your new interactions with locals and firsthand experience will enable you to see we often share more in common with others than we may have known.

Imagine seeing first hand all you’ve learned about in a global studies class when you are exploring the halls of the Picasso Museum and marveling at La Sagrada Familia.

Our experience lends itself to trying new things and stepping just outside of one’s comfort zone. With a taste of age-appropriate independence and a well-deserved break from overly scheduled lives during the school year, you will enjoy a very healthy reprieve from the usual pressures associated with your lives. We want you to be empowered and will provide you with an opportunity to become a leader and grow your self-confidence!

Living, experiencing, and learning together, you will be afforded the chance to interact with other teens who share both similar and different backgrounds and interests. Everybody grows in their social acceptance of others. By the end of the program we hope to have lit a spark – to travel, to learn, to meet new people, to try new things and to explore. With new friendships, new memories and new life skills on which to build, our teen travel experiences are truly unforgettable.

The Highest Quality & Great Value – Our Niche!

There really is a difference in how different summer programs operate! Motivated teens going away with qualified leaders is a given. But what sets us apart is the depth of our qualified personnel that allow us to perform with the greatest consistency at the highest level.

Your Trip Director and Trips Leaders are with you throughout your program. They have daily contact with one of our two 24-hour Communication Centers and are in regular contact with our Company Directors. Our Company Directors are the most seasoned veterans who each oversee specific programs providing support to trip staff and to assist with any situations that may arise. Our Company Directors alternate between traveling to visit programs and being reached in the office.

Program visits enable us to provide ongoing support and development to our Trip Directors, allows trip staff to have a sounding board for their own progress in reaching trip goals, helps us to identify any challenging areas for improvement while it still has relevance to your summer rather than as a mention on your end-of-summer survey, and helps us to identify the future Directors from the current crop of all-star summer staff. These visits are by Company Directors along with our Regional Supervisors, who are former Trip Directors with further experience out in the field. Collectively our planning, supervisory and management team is an incredible resource with over 420 summers of combined teen travel experience. This way, we can lend a hand wherever and whenever a little extra effort is called for. Last year, we had 205 scheduled supervisory trip visits to make sure all was running well, provide ongoing support to our staff in the field and have fun! This investment in depth of personnel is unrivaled in teen travel and is a critical element to achieving consistent, excellent program quality and surpassing client expectations!

Included in the trip tuition are all activities and entertainment described, breakfast and dinner daily, lunches as indicated on your specific program, gratuities, taxes, land transportation, accommodations, and fanatical customer service from our full-time team and summer Communication Centers. This can add up to tremendous value!

Taste The Difference – Tapas, Paella & Flan

A big part of a journey’s success depends on how well you eat. We are proud of the fact that year after year we are complimented for our quality, quantity and choice of food! Breakfasts in Europe are eaten at our hotels and served buffet style with a variety of options. For dinners, either the whole group goes to the same restaurant or we divide into smaller groups of your choosing with our staff. For lunch, you will enjoy eating in smaller groups and choosing from local cafés, bistros and other restaurants. Are you ready to sample tapas in Barcelona and Paella in Seville? The food in Europe is terrific, so get set to eat extremely well!

We have satisfied the choosiest of eaters and gladly accommodate most special dietary requests including vegetarian, anaphylactic food allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease and kosher style. We welcome discussing your individual requirements with you and have extensive personal experience in this area. Please speak with us to review your needs.

Travel Together – Private Motor Coach & Occasional Public Transportation

We travel by a private motor coach between cities and occasionally use public transportation (metro and bus) within cities.

Laundry – Keep It Clean

You only need to bring one week’s worth of clothing as outlined in our packing list. Every week you may drop off your laundry at a local wash and fold service and then pick it up clean, folded and ready to go.

Keeping In Touch Over The Summer – 24/7 Peace Of Mind

While you’re out having the summer of your life, your parents should feel like they are in on the action as well.  We post updates to our blog and Facebook page and e-mail photos approximately once a week so those at home can be in on the fun. Parents also have access to our dedicated office Trip Monitors 24/7 for any questions and/or concerns. We’re as in touch as any trip operator could possibly be via smartphones with e-mail and text. The goal is uncompromising safety and peace of mind, day after day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Participants may bring their personal cell phones.

We Deliver – 98% Approval Rating!

In last summer’s surveys, 98% of responding teens and parents said they would recommend us to others. We must be doing something right!

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