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Gap Programs

for High School Graduates and College Students

Pursue your interests outside the classroom and work towards future educational opportunities and career paths. Offered for ages 17-22 for travel in February and March.

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Service Learning & Experiential Education

Our Gap programs provide life-changing, experiential education through a service-learning framework in incredible destinations. Participants will make long-lasting connections, while exploring and contributing to the communities they visit. This involves gaining practical skills, volunteering with local non-profit organizations and developing an optional capstone project.

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Gain Life Experience

Our itineraries are full of impactful volunteer opportunities, thought-provoking excursions and exciting activities. These programs are designed to provide an enriching group experience, while also balancing time for any of your remote learning commitments from anywhere in the world.

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Exciting Travel & Adventure

By traveling to Hawaii, Costa Rica or the American South, you’ll satisfy that urge to see more of the world, interact with different cultures and explore beautiful natural settings. Our Gap programs include amazing adventures too, so you’ll love going off the beaten path while surfing, canyoning, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, zip-lining or spotting alligators on an airboat tour!

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Inspiration for Your Future

A Gap program gives you the time to think about your career path so you can continue your studies with a more focused and motivated approach. Get inspired, whether you choose to build homes for underprivileged families, rescue wildlife or shed light on civil rights history and its parallels to today. These experiences are designed to open your eyes to what really matters.