International Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted on our programs. Most trip members bring them to stay in touch with family and friends back home.

While cell phones enable convenient communication and provide peace of mind, if overused they can be disruptive and harmful to a successful group experience. In order to promote a positive social experience, we have some reasonable limitations on cell phone use during group activities.

On international programs, the majority of travelers have their regular phone from home with an international plan or they use it only when Wi-Fi is available. Another option to keep in touch is to rent a device.

Renting International Phones

Most students use their own phone when abroad and rely primarily on free Wi-Fi where available and a data plan for emergency use. Check with your carrier to confirm coverage and rates in your planned destinations. Another option you may want to consider, is renting international phones. Renting must be arranged prior to departure and, we cannot help you purchase or rent phones once you are abroad.