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White Water Rafting Adventures – California & The Canyons

The California and the Canyons trip checks in.

Dear friends and family!

One week in and it feels as if we’ve known each other forever! Our 4th of July camping adventures began with an exciting white water rafting tour!

Team EXTREME (Allie, Anne-Sophie, Devon, Ethan S, Micheala, Nina, Sam A, and Beth) followed the amazing instruction of Bryce, the rafting guide, and had a blast surfing on top of the rapids. Team Reno 911 (Jonah, Maddie, and Sarah G) paddled ferociously while splashing the other rafts.

After our adventures, we headed to beautiful Lake Tahoe and ended the great day with a friendly Girls vs. Boys competition. Seth was convinced that OPI was a Wal-Mart brand bathing suit, while all of the girls clearly knew it was a brand of nail polish. Needless to say, the girls pulled through with a victory!  The next day, we relaxed on the beach. Kaila, Rachel, Taylor, and
Danielle enjoyed soaking up the sun while Cliff, Eli C, Alyssa, Eli M, Ethan R, and Edison waded in the refreshing water. Throughout the day, activities included water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing.  Looking like a professional, Pierre got up on the water skis for the first time as Gabriel cheered him on with enthusiasm. Later in the afternoon, Corey, Sam D, Tori,
and Jordyn had a blast tubing and cracking up at Sam’s funny faces.

The next day, on our way to Ventura, we passed the time with fun activities. Ben stumped the group with a couple of riddles and the group found out in our game of “Guess Who” that Zoe can speak four different languages! Once in Ventura, we headed to the ocean. Alex sported funny fake temporary tattoos, Tyler M had a blast being buried in the sand, while Cara, Olivia, and Emily swam in the beautiful ocean. Later that day, our trip experienced a night at the movies! Jason, Jaime, and Daniel saw the action-packed thriller “Transformers” while Asher, Eli O, Pedro, and Tyler K saw “Monte Carlo” with some of the girls, which included Brittany, Carrie, Emma, Hannah, Isabella, Sam F, and Sarah L.

All this to say, we’re having an amazing time and the days are flying by! Hope you all are having as great of a summer as all of us are!

Shelby, Amanda, Billy, Dana, Anna, and Duncan
Your WCC Team!

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