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Twenty-Six Creative Ways to Express the Alphabet – Northwestern Odyssey

An update from the Northwestern Odyssey.

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Dear Northwestern Odyssey Parents,

“Everybody wants to be closer to free,” rang in our heads as we awoke to a gorgeous day in Whistler. We embarked on another outdoor-filled adventure; most of our group donned helmets, were assigned mountain bikes and lead on two exciting trails.

One group traveled on narrow, hilly tracks, testing their prowess on their vehicles; “we were up against a cliff, the mountainous and steepness was exciting, testing me at every turn,” Harris remembers.  The second group chose a path circling a shimmering lake, eventually leading us around Whistler. “Mountain biking was adventurous, two thumbs up,” Alli comments. As many traversed the dirt paths, others overcame Blackcomb Mountain engaging in glacier skiing.

After snapping pictures and encompassing the environment around Whistler village, we ventured towards the outskirts, arriving at a farm for horseback riding. Upon our noble steeds, we were guided along a tight path among the fertile area adjacent to a bubbling stream. Our route covered thick forests, yet as we reached the free-flowing river, an eagle appeared stretching its wings to escape our pack.

The next day we headed to Vancouver, arriving at Granville Island for lunch. Before we left in our respective groups of 4 or more, Ken proposed a challenge: the pen exchange. Each group was given a pen to trade for another item, repeating the process to obtain a more interesting or valuable object. Carly grins, reminiscing, “I thought it would never work, but I was energetic and I got an octopus spine!”That night we checked into University of British Columbia, changed into bathing suits and sauntered down to the famous UBC aquatic center; sprinkled around the center was a circular hot tub, a steam and sauna room, several water basketball hoops and the extremely popular three and five meter diving boards. “I loved jumping off the high dive, I felt so free in the air,” Tyler announced.

After a filling French toast breakfast, we journeyed into Vancouver for the highlight of our day: tandem biking. “It was a lot of fun working with Harris, we raced amongst the leaders, pedaling in sync consistently,” Sawyer adds, chuckling at his imaginary race. “Julia and I worked together, the weather couldn’t slow us down,” Aliza declared, clenching her fists.

Leaving Vancouver, we voyaged onwards to an awesome campground in Penticton. The next day was teeming with water sports; morning and afternoon was blanketed by the waves and splashes of our group as we each rode boats into the glorious lake, impressing our friends with our wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, wake surfing and banana boat riding adeptness. Laura screamed after wake surfing, “It made feel free, like I could do anything.” Ben details, “It allowed me to appreciate the lake, as I surfed the wake, reminding me of a great hobby.” After our abilities were tested, the trip provided some relaxation as our group grabbed some tubes, floating down a natural lazy liver. Though the day contained many exhilarating activities, our Penticton stay ended with a bang: digital camera scavenger hunt. Each team had to find twenty-six creative ways to express the alphabet. As the teams separated, throughout the campout muffled laughs echoed as we hunted, developing a twenty-six picture innovative collage.

Have an excellent week,

The Northwestern Odyssey Staff