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They Started With A Pizza Box – The Adventurer

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Good morning trip 24 parents!

Here we are on our way to the Capilano suspension bridge, driving through the Coastal Range mountains in British Columbia.  This is going to be our last event before we continue our adventure into the United States this afternoon, and we are super excited about it!

This week has been full of crazy stories and I am so happy to finally have the opportunity to share them with you.  Starting with Monday, right after I wrote the last message to you all, we were delayed for a couple of hours in an interesting town called Hope, British Columbia.  Luckily, we have an amazing group of people and managed to keep ourselves busy and entertained, making the time pass super quickly.  We played sports, tried out new programs, and looked around the town in groups of four.  Dylan K. found a hologram frog toy that was super cool and had us all intrigued.  Near the end of our stay in the town, Andy, Mike, Ryan Golt, Erin, Jordan N., Jordan S., Benji Elbaz, Max, Simon, and myself started a game where partners try to make each other fall over.  The rules are that two people must stand face to face with their feet together and hands out in front of them, and they may only clap each others’ hands in an effort to make their partner move their feet.  Amazingly, this game lasted almost an hour… Who knew such simple things can be so much fun!

Swimming at the indoor Olympic- sized pool at the University of British Columbia that night was awesome.  One particular hit was the five-meter tower off of which almost everyone in the group jumped!  Tandem biking on Tuesday morning was interesting to say the least.  Not only did we get to see the beautiful Stanley Park, but it was hilarious to see 58 bikes riding down a reasonably narrow and windy path with bike traffic riding from the opposite direction.  Furthermore, Fab and Sydney W. managed to topple over on their bike (but don’t worry, there were no injuries… Just laughs!).  Our stops at Robson Street and Granville Island allowed us to get a better feel for Vancouver culture.  Here’s an interesting story: At Granville, there were dozens of pigeons flocking our meeting area (that other tourists were feeding).  We had a slight fear at the beginning that we might get pooped on and sure enough, superstition suggests that three of our staff were going to be lucky for the rest of the day.

Our drive up the Sea to Sky Highway was beautiful, for some of us.  The rest of us on the bus were asleep within the first 5 minutes.  Thankfully we get to see it again today!  We arrived at our campsite beside Whistler village on Wednesday night and had a wicked volleyball tournament.  Stef S. was definitely one of the MVPs of the game – a great volleyball player!

Horseback riding yesterday morning was exhilarating.  Dylan S., Olivier, Josh S., Josh L., Corey, Daniel G., Miriam, Mike, Zack, Ryan G., Kyle T., Dylan K., Jill S., Jesse, Greg, Ryan Gt., Simon, and I had never been on a horse before and many of us were terrified.  However, the horses were very well trained and everyone had smiles on their faces by the endJ!

Following horseback riding, we made our way into Whistler village to tour around and also to play a game.  We all divided into groups of 4 or more and were given one pen per group.  The objective of the game was to make trades with people and stores in the village for cooler objects.  We got the idea from a biography that was written by a man who started off with a paperclip, made some trades, and ended up with a 3 million dollar house!

Last night, everyone presented their successes.  In order to decide who would present first, we chose the group with the loudest cheer: Sydney W., Julia, Jill F., Fab, Lindsey, and Miriam.  These girls finished with a breathing mask (haha), a glass display window, a hacky sack, and mannequin hands – definitely some random objects! 

Lori, Shawna, Gill C., Michelle, Stef S., Steph F., and Nicole did a hilarious presentation and finished the game with shower gel, a lawn dart game, a key card to the Delta hotel, and lots of clothes (which they decided they would donate!). 

Jesse, Max, Matt, Kyle T., Ben, and Brad presented their victory of ski goggles, a bike sale sign, a bike shock absorber, and kombi mitts.  Definitely an expensive trade…  These guys are skilled! 

Sam E., Tyler, Benji E., Ryan Golt, and Matt finished with a sweet pair of goggles.  Their rationale was that they started with a pizza box signed by Tyler (an actor), traded it for Lush soap, and then traded the soap with a girl for her sunglasses.  Coincidentally, they found this girl’s boyfriend who worked as a manager in a snowboarding store, who traded the goggles for her sunglasses! 

Ryan Gold, Mike, Sammy, and Zack finished with exfoliating soap, chocolate, a $40 pink croc t-shirt, and small croc sandals.

Continuing with the theme of crocs, Adam, Josh S., Jordan N., and Dylan K. presented their ski pole without a basket and two simple croc backpacks.  Can you tell which items were legitimate trades and which seem like they may have been donations? 

Daniel G., Corey, Olivier, Aaron, Jordan S., Gill C., Dylan S., and Josh L. showed us all their American Apparel tank top, cell phone with water damage, free Starbucks voucher, and foot massage voucher ($100 value!).  This group used the strategy of telling store employees that they would tell everyone how awesome their stores are if they would give them free stuff in return! 

Another success was achieved by Alanna, Vero, Sydney B., and Sonya, who finished the game with a cows ice cream hat, a beautiful rock, sunglasses, half a ski pole, and a Delta umbrella (that they got from an employee at a Roots store!). 

Last, but definitely not least, Nolan, Daniel M., Daniel W., Daniel R., and Andy presented their hilarious victory of a surfing DVD.  You can tell that this group traded object for object instead of getting things for free… so congratulations to them even though it seems like they ended up with less!  This game was such a huge hit.  We all learned so much from it and had an absolutely amazing time.  It was great to see some of the more shy tour members have a chance to really get out of their shells.

We are about to arrive at the bridge so it’s time to go.  Hope you all enjoyed the update as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Talk soon!

Trip Adventurer Team