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Good Afternoon Adventurer Parents,

Today is day 23 of our adventure and we have just finished a beautiful three days in Lake Tahoe. In only a couple days we will be touring around the hot spots in LA and we are so excited! The gorgeous California weather thus far has allowed for some awesome activities and programs.

Saturday was an eventful day. When we arrived at the campground, we took advantage of the various facilities, such as the swimming pool, basketball courts, and tennis courts, following which we had an amazing evening program called Air-bands. In this program, the tour members got into groups, picked a song, and choreographed a performance to be done in front of the rest of the group. The winner of this event was Daniel W., Daniel R., Josh S., Benji Elbaz., and Sam E. whose performance was not only hilarious but also very tasteful!

Sunday consisted of a relaxing day on the beach, some waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and a wicked boat cruise. Nolan and Shawna both managed to successfully complete a 180 jump wakeboarding, while Ryan Golt. and Erin made it up on one ski on their first tries! Our boat cruise ended up exceeding our expectations and it served as a great, luxurious way to finish off a lovely day in the sun.

Because we returned to the campsite around dinnertime, we had another evening program on Saturday night. In this program, tour members separated into groups and were given the phrase “splam-bammin”. With this phrase, they were to invent a product and create a skit to advertise it. On top of this, they also made up songs and slogans for their product. Because the performances were so well done, the staff decided to give out individual awards instead of group ones. The winners were Fabiana and Daniel R. for best voice, and Tyler for best individual performance! Describing this evening as “entertaining” would definitely be an understatement…

Yesterday morning was our sleep-in morning, of which everyone took advantage. By lunchtime however, we were already on our way to a high ropes course located at Squaw Valley Ski Resort (beautiful scenery)! Here, many tour members had the opportunity to show off their strength, endurance, and determination. Nicole and Sydney B. walked across the “Test of Friendship” course like it was nothing and Kyle M. roughed it across the “Bridge” without a complaint! Meanwhile, Jill S. successfully completed the “Leap of Faith” and Daniel M. climbed up a 100-foot pole in record speed. Also worthy of mention, Kyle T. was incredibly quick at climbing up the “Cargo Net” and Steph S. tried every single challenge over the course of the day!

Once again, we returned to the campsite for dinner and had time for another awesome evening program. This one was called “Quest”: Tour members split up into groups and tried to be the first to complete whatever instructions were given. For example in one round, one person from each group had to run up to the front of the group and yell out the alphabet backwards. The person who finished first gained one point for their team. After around twenty rounds like this, the program finished off with a tie between two groups! The winners of the program were Erin, Zack, Sydney B., Vero, Ryan Golt, Dylan K., Jill S., Greg, Tyler, Kyle T., Benji Elbaz, Sam E., Steph F., Matt, Josh L., Lindsey, Corey, Jordan S., Miriam, and Dylan S. One honourable mention went out to Ryan H., who won the rounds in which tour members were required to do their best imitations of staff members. These were very funny, by the way.

This is the end of my summary of the past three days. I did, however, miss something very important in my previous message. Last week when we were in San Francisco, we received a very generous and surprising gift from Morrie Baker, who provided the entire group with free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at Fisherman’s Wharf! Thank you so much Mr. Baker (and Zack) – it was delicious!

You will all be hearing from us very soon with more descriptions of our wild, amazing adventures!