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The Australian Outback Reaches America’s Tropical Paradise!

The Australian Outback reaches the grand finale in Hawaii!

The Westcoast Blogger

Aloha from Hawaii, America’s tropical paradise!

What an action packed itinerary we have had since getting here. We started off our Hawaiian journey by spending some time at the beach playing football and swimming in the waves. Our hotel is incredible as it is right on the beach and beautiful pools spread throughout the village. Our first evening was spent where the action is Waikiki, having dinner at everyone’s favorite restaurant The Cheesecake Factory and exploring all the shops that Honolulu has to offer.

Our first full day in Oahu was spent hiking the world famous Diamond Head Crater. Jordan, David, Kyle, Corey and Nick were the first ones to reach the top. The view was well worth the 200 stairs we had to climb to reach the peak. Shannon, Cira, Sophie, Camille and Emma got some great pictures of Honolulu from above. Everyone could not wait to head over to Wet ‘n Wild water park to cool off from the hike. Brandon, Steven, Emily Allie and Aly had the most fun in the wave pool trying not to get knocked over. Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company was the site of Guiglielmo’s 17th birthday extravaganza where the staff made him stand up on a chair and made his birthday extra special as the entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday to him, along with Westcoast Connection travelers.

Pearl Harbor the following day was a powerful history lesson for all. Zach, Robert Ryan, and Elizabeth loved how they were not only getting beach and relaxation time in Hawaii but also knowledge of the past. Our days have been full of surfing, sand, relaxation and last minute bonding as this trip is coming to a close and we find ourselves asking, where has the time gone?

The luau was a great way to have our last dinner together as one big family and although we missed our own families back at home, we will still be very sad to say goodbye to our Westcoast Connection family.