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The Start of Something Beautiful – Peru Community Service

Our Adventure Begins! - Costa Rica Community Service

Greetings from Peru!

On Saturday, our flights arrived safe and sound in Lima, Peru’s  capital city! We all got settled at our hotel in the lovely Miraflores neighborhood, just a block from the Pacific Ocean. Sunday was a big day! We started out with some fun activities to learn a little more about each other, like Olivia’s passion for skiing. We all talked about our goals for the trip and what we would like to make of the trip. Emily told us she wanted us to be able to laugh at ourselves, and Brian wanted to finish the summer knowing that he will miss everyone and wishing he could stay longer. We’re fast on our way to making lifelong friends, and we’re so excited for the next 26 days!

It was a particularly special day for Cynthia, who celebrated her 16th birthday with us! Emma T., Delaney, and Morgan did a beautiful job making her feel like a true princess by decorating the bus that we took for our city tour. Our guide Teresa showed us some of Lima’s parks, plazas, and historic buildings, including the royal palace, where Emma Z. facilitated selfies with all the palace guards!

One of the most memorable stops on the tour was a visit to the catacombs which span much of the city!  We channeled our inner Indiana Jones, and explored the under city with our wonderful guide Teresa.

Our dinner was a meal fit for a king, at a restaurant famous for its chicken and its acuchitos: beef heart! Many of us tasted it as an appetizer, but James liked it so much that he ordered a meal that included it too! We watched Sean, Max, Jason, and Michael share an incredible assortment of Peruvian meats, including steak, chicken, chorizo, kebabs, and fish! But there was one more surprise left in the day: a birthday cake and song for la cumpleanera, the birthday girl! We realized that over the course of the day, we had sung for her four times in total, once in Spanish. You only turn 16 in Peru once!

We’re excited for what tomorrow will bring. What new things will we learn, new experiences will we have, new friendships will we form? Can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Love and llamas,

The Westcoast Blogger

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