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Shape the Future of WCC/360°

Want to shape the future of Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel?

Join the WCC/360°Alumni Advisory Board!

We are looking for alumni travelers interested in expressing their opinions and suggestions about our brochures, DVD, itineraries, website, blog, Facebook page, future programs, t-shirts and more. Your ideas, feedback, and suggestions will help us maintain our position as the #1 choice in Teen Travel!

Alumni Advisory Board members may be asked to:

-Complete brief surveys. Sometimes you will need to solicit opinions of your friends and parents too.

-Call into a free conference call for a live focus group

– Help our viral marketing efforts by liking our Facebook posts and commenting on our blog

We will show our appreciation for your time by sending you items varying from Starbucks and iTunes gift certificates to movie passes and WCC/360° clothing.

The Alumni Advisory Board has a limited number of positions. We seek to have balance and diversity on the board and will be taking into account factors such as gender, age, trips completed, region of the country etc.

We are accepting applications to the Alumni Advisory Board through February 1st. Please apply now if interested.

To apply please fill out the following information and send to alumni@westcoastconnection.com:


Email (One That Is Checked Regularly):

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:


WCC/360° Programs Completed:

2011 Summer Plans: