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Porcelain Bird – Backpack Greece, the Islands, & Italy

Our Grecian adventure begins!

On the way to the ferry, we finally got Juliette to do some of her Rockette moves and Izzy and staff Kayla and Jana tried to learn a dance routine. Watch out broadway! We had a relaxing night on the ferry ride to Greece and had fun playing cards in the lounge. Upon arrival, It was so wonderful being greeted in Sivota by our guide Yourgis and our bus driver Yourgis (easy enough). We dropped off our bags and headed to town for lunch and exploring. It was a quaint beautiful beach town with mountains surrounding it. We had a much needed hotel day including swimming at the pool, playing cards and laying out (of course with lots of sunscreen on!).

Our first night there we started our own mini Olympics. Trip members were split up into 4 teams – USA, Canada, Italy and Greece. On the first night we did an activity in town called pen up. We gave each team a pen and as a team they had to go around the Main Street trying to trade up. We were impressed with all teams, but Italy (Caitlyn, Andrew, Lizzy S, Chase and Sammi l.) won that round by bringing back a porcelain bird worth approximately 80 euros. Lizzy Stone gave a captivating presentation about their adventure too. The next day we had a refreshing time sea kayaking. The water was clear and turquoise and we had so much fun. Olympics continued that night with hysterics involving brain games, all- team rowing, and fencing. Sam Haas schooled everyone by winning fencing for her team.

We continued our beach fun with a day of water sports. We had a blast waterskiing and tubing. Caitlyn decided to go on a single tube and had a great time. She went with Greer who never let go and was a tubing master! Heather went water skiing and cleared the wake! Lily and Lauren did a double tube together and couldn’t stop smiling!
Backpack Greece, the Islands, & Italy
On our last night in Sivota we went for dinner in the town of Parga, a beautiful bustling beach town. It was awesome and so was the sunset and frozen Greek yogurt. We said goodbye to Sivota and boarded the bus for Monodendri. We drove through winding mountainous roads with amazing views to Loanninia – one of the most populated towns in the region. We stopped at the Ali Pasha museum and saw an interesting torture chamber and swords and guns.

Monodendri was beautiful-pretty much in the clouds. The hotel was charming with vibrant colored rooms and awesome decks. Juliette, Olivia and Greer got the best room with a second floor and hot tub. But the boys – Zach B, Justin and Zach T were lucky enough to get to stay in the hotel’s honeymoon suite!

We did a beautiful hike our first day in town. It was like being at the grand canyons with gorges and mountains surrounding us. At night the trip stayed up to watch the finals of the World Cup where Charlotte got to practice her French with some nice tourists from France! Second day we did our first white water rafting tour…it was nice and relaxing. We continued our Olympics on the bus ride to Olympia with an intense game of competitive humdinger. Team Greece with Zach T., Morgan, Lily Ann, Aaron,Natalie and Olivia once again dominated and hold steady to first place.

More to come as our travels continue!

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