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Pasta in Perugia to Sunshine in Sivota- ONTOUR Backpack Greece,The Islands & Italy

Χαιρετίσματα (greetings) from Sivota, Greece!

Well parents and friends, we’ve had ourselves plenty of adventures since we last spoke. Before all of us said goodbye to Rome, we took a detailed tour of the Coliseum and Roman Forum. Of course, we broke in between for some Gelato (a must with only one day left in the city!). Finding ourselves in the midst of the holiday of the Feast of the Patron Saint of Rome, we moseyed on over to a magnificent firework show to join in on the festivities. We closed out the ancient city by stamping our passports into a new country – Vatican City! The Vatican proved impressive to all of our trip members with its incredible artwork and intricacies at every corner.

Backpack Greece, Italy & The Islands

Now, onto the true backpacking via train into Perugia. Upon arrival we found ourselves in awe of breathtaking views and scenes picturesque enough to belong to the next Hollywood Blockbuster. Charm oozing out of every inch of the town, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear we greatly enjoyed our three days there. It’s a toss up for the favorite activity with contenders such as touring the Bacia chocolate factory (with a hefty sampling section), splashing about in the water park and taking an Italian cooking class in a quaint B&B just outside of the city. Expect great things from your children/friends when they return. They’re now all learned in the art of pasta, pizza, and tiramisu. Yum!

With an itinerary like that, you’d be surprised to note the true fan favorite of Perugia – a night on the hotel rooftop overlooking the city playing games narrated by Ben and Shawn. It appears we have true storytellers in our midst. Our final night took us to a café bar overlooking the entire town at sunset for some conversation and relaxation. And with that, Italy, we say arrivederci.

Time to set sail to Greece! Our overnight ferry acted as a short-term cruise ship complete with cabins and a live band playing the night away. With ocean air all around and the gentle rocking of the boat, our trip members had some of the best sleeps of their lives awaking with fresh excitement and energy to arrive in the next stop.

Sivota welcomed us right into a beautiful hotel with stunning grounds which will play host to tonight’s barbeque dinner – what could be better on the fourth of July? We spent the day at the beach dipping into the blue waters and massive Greek salads. If today was any indication of what’s to come, we’re all in for the summer of a lifetime!

Until next time, αντίο (goodbye)

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