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Nothin’ but Good Vibrations in Waikiki – Hawaii Community Service

Nothin' but Good Vibrations in Waikiki - Hawaii Community Service 1


Aloha!!! Welcome to Hawaii!!!

We are just days into the trip and it is apparent that everyone is feeling some ‘Good Vibrations’ (clearly our morning song by the Beach Boys is taking effect!)  The trip started off with a bang as we already started crossing items off some of the trip member’s bucket lists with the catamaran tour.  Specifically Lizzie’s as it was her first time on a boat.

If you were on the boat with us you would have found the trip members relaxing on the nets being splashed by refreshing ocean water or along the deck watching the surfers and spotting massive sea turtles – we must have seen like 8!!

After one of our amazing local Hawaiian restaurant dinners the trip members were brought to the exciting downtown area of Waikiki and divided into teams to play Trade UP!  With only 30 minutes and one paperclip the winning team was able to trade up and bring back a mango stress ball and a wooden fan!!!

The Boys and Girls Club was a wonderful experience for both the trip members at the club and our trip members. Our group was given lots of control and took to leadership roles like naturals, creating games to play and crafts to make with the boy and girls.  Julia was especially comfortable with the boys and girls, starting and leading her own game with 20 or so kids during a bit of free time.  It was quite the sight to see when a dozen kids from the Boys and Girls Club group hugged Jordan during the goodbyes and didn’t want to let him go.

From all of us in Hawaii, we are having so much fun and plan on not stopping till we soak up everything Hawaii has to offer!!!

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