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Monkeying Around In Costa Rica -Costa Rica Combination

Hello friends and family,

 The last weekend was truly a whirlwind, but we are now settled down here in Playa Flamingo where we will be staying for the rest of our trip. To catch everyone up to speed on what the last couple of days had in store for us:
On Saturday, the crew got up bright and early to make the trek from the town of Heredia in the Central Valley to La Fortuna, a small mountain town nearest the Arenal Volcano National Park in the north-central region of the country. Caneel volunteered to give the group a weather report in Spanish so that they knew how to prepare for the day. After a full day of travel and a packed first week of community service, white water rafting, and language classes, the trip members enjoyed a low key day, seeing the sights of the infamous – and active! – Arenal Volcano. We bonded as a group by playing an exciting taboo and charade game called “Celebrity”, led by our very own trip member Ashley. Marissa and Leslie led their team, including Ilana, Aria, Sam, Austin, and Caneel, in the good fight, but the team of Brandon, Jay, Cassidy, Tamara, Taylor, Brittany, and Lauren could not be stopped in any of the three rounds.
Sunday was a non-stop day of adventure in the north of Costa Rica. The day started with zip-lining through the rainforest, casually enjoying the sights of the volcano national park whilst zipping hundreds of feet down the rich mountainside. We even saw howler monkeys – or “monos congos” – along the way! Cassidy, Aria, and Taylor lit up the forest with their wonderful voices singing popular songs as we waited on breaks between runs. Sam, Jay, Austin, and Brandon spent their time trying their best to avoid bugs, as we have all learned that they are collectively scared to death of rainforest insects; however, we have all applauded them greatly in their steps toward getting over their phobia. After an exciting morning of zip-lining, we all headed to La Fortuna for an afternoon of lunch and exploring, enjoying the sights of a quaint mountain village, eating ice cream, and relaxing in the central plaza. It was then off to the hotel to get ready for a night at Baldi Hot Springs: 27 pools, water slides, and most importantly, a buffet with several American options! Upon returning back to the hotel, all trip members enjoyed more time bonding together in the common area. We recapped video footage from the day’s adventure at zip lining before repacking and heading off to bed.
Today began with packing up the bus for a trip out to Playa Flamingo, a beach town in the northwest coast of Costa Rica in the Guanacaste region. Upon arrival, trip members got the opportunity to play Marco Polo in the pool. After a delicious dinner next the beach, the group headed to the ocean for a bonfire, where we all told stories, shared trip experiences thus far, and made delicious s’mores that everyone devoured.
Tomorrow has sailing and language classes in store, so everyone has hit the hay to get ready for all that we have ahead ! We very much look forward to keeping in touch, and we hope that everyone is well back home.
Saludos desde Costa Rica! Pura vida!
 The Westcoast Blogger