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Los Angeles Livin’ – California and The Canyons

Los Angeles Livin’ - California and The Canyons

The fun doesn’t stop in the City of Angels for our trip members! On Tuesday, an action packed day at Universal Studios Hollywood was planned. But before we even entered the park, the entire trip had a celebrity encounter with Mario Lopez (Dancing with the Stars, Extra, and A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell). He was in front of the park filming for the “Extra” entertainment news show, and made sure to send a smile our way.

Once inside the park, we boarded the world famous studio tour. Trip members cruised through the real Universal Studios back lot and saw sets from TV shows and movies such as CSI, The Grinch, Psycho and Jaws.

The next morning the trip members gave back to the Los Angeles community in an amazing way! We spent the morning volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank; creating lunch kits and food packages for senior citizens. Every single trip member had a crucial role and worked hard to ensure the packages were made correctly. By the end of the morning, our team created 240 food kits! That translates to over 7000 pounds of food which is 6000 meals! Trip members also had a hand in washing the food storage containers; 720 in total! We are ecstatic with the dedication and respect of our group; making a real world impact on others in need. I’m sure our trip members would be happy to lend their time again back home, now that they’ve seen the power of volunteering.

After a great morning, the trip members were in for another awesome day of rides and attractions at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! But what would the day be without another celebrity encounter! As we arrived to the park, trip members heard that the Kardashians were there and got excited at the possibility of running into them. Only a couple of trip members, including Nicole P., were able to catch a glimpse, as the stars exited Splash Mountain.

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As the sun set on Disneyland, trip members felt the magic during the breathtaking electronic parade filled with sparkling LED light displays. But the most incredible part was the nighttime fireworks display, featuring music from their favorite Disney movies! At one point, there was even real snow that fell from above, to emulate the popular movie Frozen! So cool!

The next stop in our L.A. journey was the Museum of Tolerance, where Trip Members reflected on world events like hate crimes and how to avoid prejudice in their everyday lives. Later on, we headed to the famous L.A Improv to enjoy some stand up comedy. Trip members interacted with the comedians on stage and laughed the night away.

On Friday, our Trip Members headed dove headfirst into the weekend and our next stop was San Diego! In the afternoon, we explored the San Diego Zoo, where none of the animals are captured; they’re actually all rescue animals! Trip Members got up close and personal with animals of all kinds and had the privilege to feed some elephants. We finished off the day with a couple fast paced games of laser tag. Trip members went head to head and used stealth tactics to beat the other teams. Everyone worked together and had tons of fun!

Saturday in San Diego was surf day, as trip members took to the beach and learned to ride the waves. They all listened attentively to the instructions and took to surfing very fast; not an easy feat!

Farewell California, it’s been a blast!

Peace, Love & Canyons,

– The Westcoast Blogger