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“Hope is a powerful thing to give someone”

The Beautiful Boston trip is off to an awesome start! The group has had a fun filled weekend. Bowling Night was full of smiles as Alec and Jake shocked us with their skills, both scoring in the hundreds!  The boys were “going for a turkey” (3 strikes in a game), while the girls impressed us with their form.  Matt had his own cheering section, and we couldn’t possibly go without mentioning Julia’s graceful granny roll.

We are busy bodies – walking and biking to explore the city.  On our bike ride we even got a glimpse of some jellyfish, which was a first for many! Our biking experience was something that intimidated some at first, but turned out to be a very exciting accomplishment.  Sadie and Olivia totally rocked it!  Our delicious, refreshing lemonades were accompanied by live music at The Quincy Market.

Our adventurous car rides are the best times for sing-alongs in Kristin’s car, and round-abouts in Simpson’s Fishbowl.   We are all working together to solve Boston’s labyrinth of streets with the help of our copilots.  We couldn’t do it without the help of Cameron (who is a natural), among many others.

If you hear a harmonious quack coming from a Westcoast trip member, it’s a result of our hilarious Duck Tour.  We were able to learn about historic landmarks, laughing all the way.  Some of our trip members even drove the duck in the water!  Kaitlin and Maddie got stickers just for agreeing with the guide, but we think it’s really because of their charm.

In Harvard Square we had a blast playing “Trade Up”.  Members competed by trading a pen with strangers for the best item possible.  We ended up with a Hebrew prayer book, a Dominican Republic key chain, a hair mask, and gum.  The competition was stiff, but the winners were Cameron, Jake, Alec, Bryce, Maddi, and Matt.  They enjoyed Pinkberry as a treat!!

The trip members are embracing new friendships and taking in every moment together.  Laughing, smiling, and talking, we looked big happy family eating together at the pizzeria.  As Matt put it “We could have sat there for 3 more hours and just talked with one another.”  We really have a special group on this trip.

We are looking forward to beginning our community service projects.  One trip member gave us some inspirational words to remember as we begin our projects; “Hope is a powerful thing to give someone.”  We can’t wait to see how the next few days unfold!

-The Westcoast Blogger

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