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Helping Hands in Honolulu! – Hawaii & Alaska Community Service

Aloha once again to all you blog readers out there! Monday, July 14th, our community service work commenced once again. This time, we were headed to the Boys and Girls Club of Nanakuli in Honolulu. Having worked at a Boys and Girls club in Anchorage, Alaska, our group developed some experience running different types of games and programs with kids and young adolescents. During our first day at the Boys and Girls Club of Nanakuli, our group split into three groups and ran different stations involving sports, arts and crafts, and other fun activities and games. Noah, Evan, Cael, Jordan, and Eric coordinated the sports station with a game of kick ball. Stevie, Matt, Ashley, Alex, and Evy ran the activities station playing various types of games such as ‘Indian Chief’, ‘Broken Telephone’, and the like, while Emily, Dori, Jess, Lourdes, and Maddie organized some arts and crafts for the kids. The latter part of our community work at the Boys and Girls Club that day was dedicated to a beautification project of the facilities backyard gardens. Our group gathered their enthusiasm, perseverance, and endurance and helped clean out composts, trim banana and palm trees, and wash out an irrigation system of streams and ponds. Karaoke from the girls and an occasional refreshing soak from the hose by the boys kept us going! We were all incredibly impressed at the productivity the group had achieved that morning in the gardens.

Our second day at the Boys and Girls Club ran similarly to our previous day. This time around however, it was mostly a new group of kids, and our group had switched stations for the day. Jess, Maddie, Emily, Lourdes, and Dori were now in charge of the actives and games. Noah, Evan, Cael, Jordan, and Eric did a terrific job at the arts and crafts station, asking the kids to draw themselves as super heroes. The kids then sat in a circle and shared their special superpowers and drawings. Stevie, Matt, Ashley, Alex, and Evy were now at the sports station playing some basketball and having fun with hula-hoops. Our day ended at ‘Dave and Buster’s’, a restaurant in Honolulu with an arcade on the top floor. It was no surprise to see our group scurry up the staircase and delve into the arcades!

helping hand
The following day we headed for Kauai, the famous island where the Jurassic Park films were shot. That evening, we found out through the owner of the hotel that we were staying in the exact area where ‘Tropic Thunder’ was filmed. Noah, Jordan, Cael, Evan along with Maddie, Emily, and Lourdes, spent their evening splashing in the pool. Our other trip members were entertaining themselves with an interesting adaptation of dodge ball in the volleyball courts. In the end, the pool group and dodge ball group converged and relished under the stars with some music, dancing, and socializing.

Our community service work continued the next morning at the Habitat for Humanity restore center in Kauai. In this warehouse, our group helped organize and repackage construction materials and household items. Evy, Jordan, Stevie, and Dori taped and tagged construction nails while Jess and Lourdes cleaned the front yard. Cael, Noah, and Ashley were busy price-tagging items while Maddie, Evan, and Emily sorted golf clubs! After a well deserved lunch break, it was off to the beach where Jordan, Evan, Noah, and Eric spent the large part of their time chasing and catching crabs.

Our journey through Hawaii continues to be enthralling and inspiring. We have witnessed our trip members grow as individuals and shine in moments where their personalities, skills, and strengths were needed. We the trip leaders salute each and every one of you on your continued charisma and positivity!


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