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Goodbye Quito-Hello Cotapaxi and the Jungle!

It’s our last night in Quito and it was an insightful night discussing our thoughts and sentiments towards community service work. Since our last blog, we spent two whole days at the orphanage. Our greatest accomplishment was painting four classrooms in the school. It was hard work and took a lot of dedication to the project but with Meredith and Carly P.’s rap performances, and Jason S.’s hard work, we got through it!

We also enjoyed more time with the kids from the orphanage as Daniel, Jason and Alex continued playing soccer. Matt, Ethan and Jacob A. entertained the kids with their skip rope skills while others like Nicole and Victoria completed puzzles and colored with the kids. After a tough goodbye at the orphanage, we travelled across the city to take a gondola to a lookout point which was 1600 feet high. While up there, we got some amazing photos of our group. Carlie E. and Sammie W.  put their camera to good use taking amazing shots of the panoramic view overlooking the city and mountains nearby and not so nearby.

Also this week, we drove out of the city to experience the canopy zip lining. Noa and Roy zipped over 350 feet from one end to the other! After an adventurous morning Erica A. and Brian enjoyed a wood fire oven cooked pizza lunch. The afternoon brought more excitement as Sam A. and Erica S. tubed down the icy cold river that kept your bones shivering, your face smiling and your adrenaline pumping. After this busy day we had a relaxing night as Anna taught us our new favorite card game. Things got intense and competitive but in the end Kayla won it all!

Tomorrow we are up bright and early as we depart Quito and head to Cotapaxi and then the Jungle! Internet may be limited, so we will talk to you when we make it back to civilization!


Until then,

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