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Fun in Fraser Island! – Australia/Hawaii

G’day mates!

After packing up our bags we had to say our final goodbyes to Surfers Paradise as we headed North to Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. On our first evening we were serenaded on the baby grand piano in our hotel by Jordyn. We soon found out that Shawn and Uri could also play! At one point we had an entire acappella group (Chris, Jeremy, Nicole) singing to Adele’s ‘Someone like You’ and ‘Say Something.’ The entire hotel lobby cheered and applauded. We’re absolutely blown away by the talent in this group – they never fail to impress!

After dinner we were taken on a guided night walk where we were dazzled by starry skies and Chris even saw his first shooting star! We also spotted a sea turtle and a crab shuffling along the ocean floor as well as a stingray gliding along the water.
The next morning we explored Fraser Island to it’s fullest. Our birthday boy Zach took the front seat and armored in a large 4×4 bus we made our way through sand dunes and along 75 mile beach. Jared made the first whale spotting of the group, the rest of us looked on in awe as we spotted two more whales as they swam parallel to us along the coastline. We made a few stops throughout the day one at Eli creek to have a quick dip and another at the legendary Maheno shipwreck of 1836. The group then spotted a dingo, an infamous wild dog that inhabits the island. Don’t worry, not only were we with our Ranger but we were all safe on the bus! The day continued with a variation in landscapes as our guide took us through what felt like an Amazon rainforest with large palm and satanay trees. Our last stop was at Makenzie lake, a pristine body of water atop the island. Although crystal clear the water was slightly chilly but Ben, braver than the rest of us, stayed in the longest!

Our day tour came to an end and the group had some free time. A few of the boys went out fishing where Zach and Ben both caught brim, which they later got the chefs to prepare for them. Our evening program was ‘trip trivia fear factor’ where the group was split into teams and faced different challenges. Both Ethan and Josh blew us away with their math skills in the first round finishing 15 questions in mere seconds. Zach then proved his endurance was king as he beat the others at the push-up competition. Allison and Chris won the wheelbarrow race and team 2 comprising of Stone, Nicole, Olivia, Zach, Casey, Bella and Uri dazzled the crowd with their original beat poetry rhymes. The grand finale was an‘original pyramid’ – Allison and Maddie used their cheerleading prowess to set team 4, including Shawn, Jeremy, Natalie, and Ethan, up for the win. What an awesome evening together – I can’t believe we’ve only been together for 8 days!!

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