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Finding Peace in Perugia – ON TOUR Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

We left Rome by train and enjoyed the fast, yet smooth, ride to Perugia. The town is currently celebrating a FIFA soccer festival, and Daniel, Gabriel and Ryan took advantage of this to play a large-sized billiard game with the soccer balls, while Jason showed off his gaming soccer skills by competing with the locals.

Isabel and Lauren shared their voices with the people of Perugia as they harmonized through the streets singing. The evening saw a healthy competition during a city-wide scavenger hunt between all, but was particularly important for Lindsey and Emily, who ran the entire time, completing in a record time of 27 minutes.  An enthusiastic debate between Jacob B. and the judges ensued on what constituted as a “bearded bald” man. In the end, the competition was inconclusive as all teams did an excellent job capturing photos of the city.

OT BP Greece, The Islands & Italy in Perugia

The water park was the venue for Daniel, Ryan, Gabriel and Jason to show off their flips and tricks on the diving board for the locals.  While all the food has been amazing, some of the best food we actually made ourselves! At the Umbria Cooking School, many trip members had the opportunity to learn some fabulous Italian recipes. Isabel, Lindsey, Pheobe, Carly, Ryan and Emily made tiramisu. Later that day, Jacob M. and Max K. shared that normally they do not like this traditional Italian dessert, but the recipe made by their fellow trip members was delicious!  For the pasta, Lianna and Haley did a great job cracking the eggs into the mound of flour and kneading it to get the right consistency.  Justin and Nicole were naturals at running the pasta maker, cutting the fettuccine, and Jacob B. and Jason prepped the dough by rolling it through the maker into manageable strips. The final dish of our lunch was pizza and focaccia.  Alexa and Max K. rolled out the dough for this amazing dish.

OT BP Greece, The Islands & Italy in Cooking ClassAfter arriving in Greece by ferry, the entire trip took advantage of some well deserved time to relax and sunbathe poolside, interrupted only by the occasional dip into the water. The beach was full of activities including Sam and Jacob W. making it out on the water tubing with Nicole and Alexa, Ryan trying his hardest to catch fish with a bucket, and Haley and Sean riding the large couch behind the boat.

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