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Escargot and Berets – French Excursion

Fresh from France, an update from the French Excursion!

Second Stop: Caen
After an early morning wake up, French Excursion took their first train ride from Paris to Caen.  Most caught up on a bit of rest while others gazed at the beautiful countryside.  Upon our arrival we stopped for a quick bite at a café and wandered through the “Marche aux Puce (Flea Market) of Caen, a semi annual event only.  After a short visit to the Chateaux de Caen, we checked into our centrally located hotel.

Dinner that night consisted of escargots, boeuf tartare, crevettes, et canard. Saturday morning was another early day as we prepared ourselves mentally and physically for our tour of the D-Day beaches, the U.S. memorial, and the Caen museum.

Students learned a lot!  Django, Evans, and Michael busied themselves going in and out of bomb holes.  We finished the day with a photo scavenger hunt where the group interacted with locals while practicing their French.  The next day, before heading back to Paris, we attended another market and watched retro race cars drive by our hotel.  Jared was extremely interested and had a top notch view from his room.  We had a great time in Caen.  Nous quittons Caen avec de beaux souvenirs!

Third stop: Back to Paris
Monday morning found us back in school progressing nicely.  The afternoon included the famous Galleries Lafayette where Diana, Kaitlin, and Daniella found themselves in heaven at this extraordinary shopping mall.  The boys didn’t seem to mind either as they indulged in sushi, cologne, and spectacular views. Tommy started a trend when he bought the well-known Parisian hat known as a Beret!  The Georges Pompidou museum was interesting as the group was able to see the famous Kandinsky paintings; however, the highlight of the day was when Kelsey and Casey broke out into song with a guitarist in the Centre de Pompidou.  Slowly, but surely this turned into a group activity where everyone started singing and dancing.  Sure enough our group attracted a large crowd and we put on quite the show! 

An Italian tour group joined us and after much encouragement from Django songs like “We are the World”, “La Bamba”, and “I will survive” were sung by all.  It was truly a cultural experience that we could never have planned.  After a  short walk, the beauty of the Cathedral Notre Dame engulfed us.  We dined at Cote de la Seine and finished off a perfect day with delicious gelato.
More updates about our adventures (and other students) to come from France.