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Embracing the Culture, Sights, Sounds, and Tastes of Europe – European Discovery

The latest from the European Discovery!

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Bonjour from the South of France!!!

We have finished our visit of Italy… great sites and more amazing food!

I’m writing to you as we leave our final Italian site, Pisa, on route to Nice, the final stop on our tour.

It’s been an incredible ride through Italy…We went from Venice to Rimini.  Rimini was full of relaxation.  We started it off with an evening round of mini-putt, where everybody let their competitive side out.  The next two days were BEACH DAYS!  Catching the waves, going down water slides, playing Knights, Calvary, and Barbarian, building sand castles, and playing football – American style.  Let’s not forget to mention that we all got to work on our tans and the gelato was delicious.  In Rimini, we experienced our first taste of a European Disco.  Techno music was going through our heads until the early morning.

After our revitalization on the beach, we headed to the historic city of Rome.  We took pictures at the Trevi Fountain and all made wishes tossing in a coin over our shoulder.  We had a busy following day in Rome: a guided city tour, the Vatican Museum, Coliseum…who could want anything more.  Then on the way to Sorrento, we visited the Ruins of Pompeii, the city that was partially buried by Mt. Vesuvius during a volcanic eruption.  Our first dinner in Sorrento, we were serenaded by a pianist who made our dinner so inviting.  The next day we took a charted yacht around the island of Capri.  We got to swim through the green grotto – so beautiful and picturesque.  We walked around the island of Capri, saw the beautiful gardens and then jumped in the Adriatic Sea to cool off.  The next day, it was time to move on to our last city in Italy, Florence.  In Florence, we got to barter at the Leather Market – some great skills I must say and some of us are coming home with amazing leather jackets, belts, and purses.  In Florence, we also got to experience the Synagogue, we climbed the Duomo Tower, and made our own Italian style dinner at our Tuscan Cooking School – we learned how to make spaghetti noodles from scratch, spinach crepes, stuffed zucchini, and dessert. Our final day in Florence was spent experiencing the historical culture of Florence in the Galleries – we saw Michalengelo’s David and evenings of action packed disco dancing!

Now we are in Nice…the final stop on our 32 day journey. It is sad to realize that the trip is coming to an end.

It’s amazing the growth of the group from day 1 to 29! We have learned a lot from our teenagers.  It was our staff mission that each teenager would return home embracing the culture, sights, sounds, and tastes of Europe. We are so proud as our mission is 2 days away from being accomplished.

Until next time…enjoy your summer and we’ll talk soon!