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Cruisin’ Through Cali – California & the Canyons


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Hey there parents and family members of California & the Canyons! It has been an amazing start to our 21 day adventure. While we waited for all the flights to land and for trip members to get their luggage, we played some awesome ice breakers and getting to know you games. All the trips members had numerous things in common which lead to some great conversations and bonding between the trip members and trip leaders. Later that night we headed to San Francisco’s famous cable cars! We rode the cable car to china town were Andy (the trip director) gave a challenge to find the weirdest thing in china town for under $5. All the trip members stepped up the challenge and found some hilarious things! To name a few, Ethan brought back a gold piggy bank, Jordan brought back rose soap, Elia brought back a giant Chinese paper fan, and Emily brought back a kimono and a Chinese paper umbrella.  They found some crazy stuff and had a fantastic time. We finished our fun filled night in Chinatown with a family style dinner at Brandy Ho’s.

The next morning we started the day by going to the Golden Gate Bridge! We traveled the 1.7 miles across the bridge where we got some beautiful shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and San Francisco. Orli showed off her photography skills and did a photo shoot with Jordyn, Sophie, Lily, Noa, Hannah R, and some of the other girls! Orli got some really great pictures!  While we waited to leave and head to Lombard Street, Josh rapped the whole beginning verse to the song Fancy by Iggy Azalea – it was EPIC.

Next up was the twisty and extremely steep Lombard Street! Ethan and Jordan ran up a giant hill to Lombard Street – now that’s a work out! Later that day at AT&T Park we watched the Giants get beat by the Reds 4-0 but we all really enjoyed the hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, and fries! To finish day 2, we headed to Sky High. Sky High had trampolines all over the place including the walls. We got to play dodge ball, jump/flip into the foam pit, or just jump around with our friends! It was a blast!

Day 3 came fast and we headed to the famous island prison, Alcatraz. We got to explore the walls and learn the history of this fascinating facility. Everyone on trip 11 enjoyed an audio tour that told us stories and events that occurred from the opening in the 1930’s until the closing of its doors in the 1960’s.  Everyone was intrigued when we learned about how 3 inmates escaped from Alcatraz but were never found! Spooky! Sarah, Bella, and Ross (among many others) got an inside perspective of the cells! We have some fun pictures of them locked away!

After exploring roughly the 22 acres of Alcatraz, we really worked up an appetite!  We enjoyed some free time at Pier 39 where we ate some lunch and did explored the area.  Harrison picked up a really cool camo hat, Jocelyn and Maddie bought really fun high knee socks, and Jacob bought an ice cream cone magnet that looked so real we allwanted to eat it!  Trip leader Tyler was really excited to show everyone the sea lions that hang out at the pier but when we got there the sea lions were no where to be found! They must have went on vacation!

We ventured down the piers to Ghirardelli Square where we over indulged in yummy chocolate and cupcakes! Lucy got this amazing red velvet cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes and Zach got a dark chocolate candy bar! While we waited to go bowling, we hung out on the pier by the water where Andy taught Hayden, Eli and Elliot how to play this addictive hacky sack game.  Now whenever we have down time that’s all they want to do!

At bowling, Griffin got a spare for the first time and was super excited! Caitlin said bowling was her favorite thing we did so far this trip! It was a great time to have fun, unwind, and continue to bond!

It was been an unbelievable 3 days. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring! Stay tuned to hear more!

-The Westcoast Blogger