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Cheerio – London Calling! – European Discovery

‘Ello Governors and Governess’,

A big greeting from Trip 35 from sunny London-town, the start of our trans-European voyage! As the storm clouds rolled into North America, we caught our flights out in perfect time, bringing a great streak of sunshine and heat to the United Kingdom. Starting off, our group of 37 trip members and 5 staff took to the streets of London, settling in for some dinner at Wagamama, one of the UK’s beloved Asian fusion restaurants, in the heart of swanky Kensington. Capping the night off at the London Eye, the group got to take in the views of our temporary hometown from an astonishing 450 feet above the River Thames, getting a glimpse of everything yet to come. As Ethan said, “When on the London eye, I felt like I was on top of the British Empire.” Throughout the rest of our short stay in London, we were lucky enough to be guided through the city by our unforgettable guide, Liz, whose wit and unique expertise escorted us to the likes of Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London (at which we saw the Crown Jewels and Armoury,) the US Embassy at Grosvenor Park, Parliament and Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, and the historic Roman City of London; prior to small, grouped dinners with our new trip family at Carnaby Street. Before taking off for Amsterdam via the Chunnel, we ventured off to the renowned Harrods, which was accurately summarized by Drew, who thought “Harrods was so intimidating but awesome. I have no clue how they would’ve sold an elephant there.” That was followed by an afternoon at Covent Garden—soundtracked by a string quintet playing throughout our visit, which was “unlike anywhere I’ve been before, it was really cool,” according to Megan. Our final day, the hottest ever recorded in London, was capped off in wicked fashion… in the West End, at Wicked.

As we leave London, it’s hard to say goodbye so we’ll say “cheerio” for now and to the Netherlands, “hier komen we!” (Here we come!)


-The Westcoast Blogger