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Pre-College Enrichment Montreal

  • Hands on Learning and Exploration –  Pre-College Enrichment Montréal

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    Bonjour! Here’s an update on all the fun and learning we had in Montréal. In cooking, the students made everything from risotto and salmon tartare, to pâte à choux and poutine made out of desserts. They are also realizing that baking is quite the science! The entrepreneurship students have gone on multiple field trips, where […]

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  • Celebrating Canada Day – Pre-College Enrichment Montréal

    Celebrating Canada Day - Pre-College Enrichment Montréal 1

    Bonjour from Montréal! What an amazing start to our program, which kicked off with a fun first evening bowling with new friends and roommates. The following morning, many of our program members chose to try Tim Horton’s breakfast for the first time. Timbits are a definite new favourite amongst the group!  We had an absolute […]

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  • Exploring Boston! – Montreal Pre-College Enrichment

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    On Friday, we jumped on a bus and made our way to Boston. Along the way, we stopped for lunchon Church Street, in Vermont, where the students were able to check out the sights and stores. After lunch, the students went on a tour of The University of Vermont, and were amazed by the Environmental […]

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  • Last Days in Montreal! – Montreal Pre-College Enrichment

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    On Thursday, the students went to the Cirque Festival on St. Denis Street! The festival had a circus theme with clowns and street performers, and we were encouraged to try some of Montreal’s most unique restaurants along the way. On Saturday, the students went to La Ronde, Canada’s second largest amusement park. The students, if […]

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