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  • Canals, Cathedrals & Cinque Terre – ON TOUR Backpack France, Switzerland & Italy

    Cinque Terre is amazing! On our incredible hike between two of the Cinque Terre villages, our group learned how to shimmy past oncoming pedestrian traffic on the beautiful centuries old path. At the top of one of the mountains, we ran into a wonderful Italian-only vendor who hand carried an ice chest with cold waters […]

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  • The Funketeers, a Ferry, and a whole lot of Feta! – Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

    We arrived in Perugia after a real day of backpacking.  The cobblestone roads and huddled walkways were a welcome site after the big city of Rome.  The trip members eagerly put their packs in their rooms and set off to explore the quaint downtown areas of Perugia.  End-to-end in twenty minutes, each group of trip […]

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  • Finding Peace in Perugia – ON TOUR Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

    We left Rome by train and enjoyed the fast, yet smooth, ride to Perugia. The town is currently celebrating a FIFA soccer festival, and Daniel, Gabriel and Ryan took advantage of this to play a large-sized billiard game with the soccer balls, while Jason showed off his gaming soccer skills by competing with the locals. […]

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  • A Quick Piece on Greece – ON TOUR Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

    Well parents and friends, Greece has been more than good to us. Syvota won us all over getting our feet wet to the wonderful water activities of this exquisite country. We started out at a great pace with a morning of sea kayaking and swimming on the Mediterranean. Later that day, we kicked it up […]

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