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  • Ending the Trip Nice-ly! – European Discovery

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    As we sit here, peering out of the bus window at wondrous Italian landscapes, we can’t believe that it’s almost time to say ciao, au revoir, and adieu to our trip. We think back to our very first icebreaker, when we were still a bit apprehensive and uncertain as a group. Since then,we’ve formed new […]

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  • A Trip Through History! – European Discovery

    rome european discovery blog 3 photo 1

    Ciao! Today marks our highly anticipated visit to the beautiful Amalfi Coast! From here on out, it’s going to be scenic coastlines and (as always) delicious Italian cuisine. When we last checked in, we had begun our journey to none other than the floating city itself, Venice. It was a magical experience, as we spent […]

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  • Ciao From Venice and Rome! – European Discovery

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    Ciao from Venice; the city of 177 canals and over 400 bridges!  After our Vaporetto ride into the city, we had some time to walk around and explore this magical place in small groups. Our first full day in Venice started with a tour of the town’s Jewish synagogues and ghettos, and after that, we […]

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  • Annecy, Zermatt, and Italia! – European Discovery

    zermatt european discovery blog 2 photo 1

    Bongiorno! It’s day 15 of our European extravaganza, and things constantly seem to be getting better and better. When we last left off, we were chugging along to Annecy with our spirits high, and the south of France did not disappoint. There’s truly nothing like going on a lakeside bike ride or taking a dip […]

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