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Cali & the Canyons Signing Off – California & The Canyons

Dear Cali and the Canyons Parents,

So the final scribe must be written and it’s time to say goodbye. Our amazing trip members will be coming back to you with souvenirs,  but the best gift will be lifelong friendships and memories. We can’t deny that leaving each other is hard. We’re going to cry; we’re going to miss each other terribly; we’re going to miss summer 2011.

But … perhaps the next time one of us catches ourselves giggling about one of this summer’s escapades … a fellow trip member may be giggling too.  It’s time to get back to reality; get back to our normal lives; get back to our everyday routines. We know each and every one of us will carry a piece of Cali & the Canyons with us everywhere we go.

Good luck keeping your teens busy upon their return parents! I hear they enjoy traveling!

With all our love,

Ashley, Shelby, Kelly, Patrick, Andrew, Adam, and Bretton

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