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Fun & Service With Our Ohana! – Hawaii/Alaska Community Service

Greetings from Hawaii!

We arrived at the beach in Honolulu just in time to see the sun setting in the West and the full moon rising in the East, which was a breathtaking moment for all of us.  Later in the evening, we strolled through Waikiki and loved seeing the buzzing city full of shops and restaurants.

hawaii alaska community service blog 4 photo 1On the next day, we visited Pearl Harbor, which was a really meaningful experience. We learned what led to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the ramifications of that day. After touring a few museums, the group traveled to the site of the USS Arizona, where we were impressed by the size of the ship and remembered all of the young men who were once aboard.  

While we were waiting for dinner that evening, we played Heads Up, which is an electronic version of charades. When a game causes everyone to act out “riding a cowboy” at dinner, you know it was a hit! After dinner, we enjoyed the arcade at Dave and Busters. The most popular game in the arcade was the basketball game, where Max had the highest score: 52 points!

hawaii alaska community service blog 4 photo 2The next couple of days were focused on community service, where we served at the Boys and Girls Club in Windward. On our first day, we played Dance Dance Revolution, board games, mafia, and basketball with the kids. We also started a game of Basketball Knockout, and everyone had a lot of fun! On the second day, the Boys and Girls Club had a presentation by a Hawaiian drumming group, so we each had the opportunity to practice drumming with the performers! In the afternoon, a group of us led basketball and kickball games for the Boys and Girls Club. During kickball, a group of little girls surrounded Casey, because they wanted to play hand clapping games with him; it was adorable! When it was time to depart the club on our last day, two girls were so attached to Arabella that they didn’t want to let go of her! It’s amazing how quickly we bonded with each other!

hawaii alaska community service blog 4 photo 3We started the following day with a trip to the beach. Some of us played a competitive game called “500” in the water, while others had a mock photo shoot snapping artsy photos at the lifeguard stand. When we weren’t actively involved in an activity, relaxing, listening to music in the shade, or lying out in the sun were the perfect ways to spend time at the beach. There are just so many great ways to enjoy a day at the beach in Hawaii!

In the afternoon, we hiked to the top of Diamond Head State Monument. We worked together to count the total number of stairs at the top of the mountain; Gabriela counted over 200! From the top, we could see over 20 miles in all directions.  Truly breathtaking! After the hike, we had some refreshing smoothies and shave ice.

Now, we’re in Maui and treasuring our last few days together as an “ohana.”

Until Next Time,

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