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Beautiful Views at the Golden Gate Bridge – California & The Canyons

HELLOOOO from beautiful, sunny CALIFORNIA!

Three days in and we’re already starting to feel like locals! After a couple of group introductory icebreakers, everyone was excited to hit the ground running! The festivities began on June 29th in wonderful San Francisco with a cable car trip to Chinatown! Tyler M, Tyler K, Eli M, and Sam D enjoyed their authentic Chinese food while discussing their favorite topic: hockey! Day two began with a tour of Alcatraz where Pedro was extremely excited to see where Al Capone was sentenced to jail. Maddie and Sarah G felt like inmates as they took pictures within the infamous cells. Next was Fisherman’s Wharf. Carrie and Sarah L flocked to Boudin to try their famous clam chowder among other San Francisco favorites. We then headed to bowling, where Beth looked like a professional – she was jumping for joy after she bowled her first strike among the other gutter balls! The Golden Gate Bridge was next on our agenda the following day! We all headed to the world famous landmark where everyone was amazed by the beautiful views. After a couple of group pictures, we hopped onto the bus and headed to Sausalito. Once there, the trip members participated in a pen trade, with hopes to exchange a pen for something grander. Seth, Brittany, Jordan, and Emily surprised everyone with a huge variety of different things including coins from around the world. Sam A., Mick, Hannah and Allie traded their pen up for earrings, a flower, crystals and stickers. Alex R., Nina, Isabella and Eli C. traded their pen for our new trip mascot!! After, we headed to Lombard Street, the world’s most crooked street. Anne-Sophie loved the amazing view from the top, a great reward after the steep climb. We ended the day with the Oakland Athletic’s baseball game where Jonah was hoping to make the big screen! Go A’s!!!!! More to come soon!

-Dana, Duncan, Billy, Anna, Amanda, and Shelby!

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