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Amazing Annecy! – ON TOUR European Experience

Group shot in Annecy

On Sunday we left the city of Paris and made our way to Annecy, France, while celebrating Alexa’s Birthday! On our way, we stopped in a countryside town, where the trip members enjoyed a winery tour and tasting.

Upon our arrival in the beautiful French Alpine town of Annecy, we explored and had dinner in groups.

The next day started with a bike ride around the town of Annecy. It was great to see the town from a different mode of transportation. Those who did not go biking went paddle boating on the lake. Everyone had an extremely enjoyable morning. In the afternoon, we headed to a beach club, where the trip members were swimming, diving, going on the slide, playing volleyball, and just relaxing. It was very nice to be outside in the extremely nice weather. We then walked back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. For dinner, the trip members got to choose which restaurant they wanted to eat at in the town of Annecy. After dinner we headed back to the hotel, where the trip members had an early night to prepare for our busy day of white water rafting.

Biking in Annecy

On Tuesday, we started our day with white water rafting. It was fun to put on all of the different gear provided for us to go white water rafting. Everyone had a great time going down the rapids, with the spectacular view of the mountains right next to us. On our way back to Annecy, we stopped in a small French town for lunch. Before heading into the town, we all sang Happy Birthday to Alli K. Later, the trip members had free time to roam around and explore Annecy. We then broke off into groups for our last night in Annecy. After dinner, we all went for gelato as a group. It got everyone very excited for all the gelato we are going to have in Italy!

We then left the country of France and made our way to Switzerland. The views on the ride up were spectacular and everyone took lots of pictures. Since there are no cars in Zermatt, we took a train to get up to the town. Upon our arrival the group sang Happy Birthday to Noah G. In the town, the trip members played the game “Trade up,” where each group starts with a pen and see what items that can get from trading up. It was amazing to see what they came back with. There were items such as a hand painted bowl, binoculars, cheese, and even an 100 Frank sweater. After this fun activity, the girls and boys split up for bonding activities and dinner. All of the trip members really enjoyed this! We then all met up after dinner for a night where the trip members played darts, billiards, and foosball. A few even tried line dancing!

Group shot in Annecy


The next day some of the trip members made their way up to the top of the Matterhorn, where they went skiing and snowboarding. Summer skiing in Switzerland is definitely an experience they will never forget. Those who did not go skiing started their day with a volleyball tournament. Later on they met the skiers at the top of the mountain to take some pictures with the Matterhorn. As a group, we all took the gondola back down to the bottom of the mountain. The trip members then had some free time to roam around the town and get ready for dinner. Before dinner we met up as a group and introduced a new activity. The trip members were broken up into groups and were given time to start practicing for their Lip Sync Battle, which will take place later on in the trip. We then headed to a group dinner on the water. After we went to a local dance club in Zermatt, where the trip members had a great time dancing!

We now say goodbye to Switzerland and say hello to the land of pizza, pasta, and gelato! 

Ciao for now

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