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Aloha From Sunny Honolulu! – Australian Outback + Hawaii

Aloha From Sunny Honolulu! - Australian Outback + Hawaii

Aloha from sunny Honolulu!!

What a glorious 5 days its been! Leaving Sydney on a Friday evening and arriving to Hawaii on Friday morning saved us an entire day by crossing the international date line! The Hilton Hawaiian Village is just perfect! Shops everywhere, waterfalls, little ponds, penguins and flamingo’s just hanging out on the property! Can you feel the relaxation?!

We immediately checked in, threw on our swimsuits and headed to the beach and the pool to cool down and relax from our travel! Jack B. took the first jump in the pool and said the water was absolutely perfect! Cliff and Andrew followed suit right after and had a great afternoon swimming in the pool and lounging on the beach! After a relaxing afternoon, we enjoyed a tasty dinner at the Cheesecake Factory where Zach ordered a chocolate cake that looked like melting chocolate flowing through! 

We began our visit to Honolulu by climbing Diamond Head – an unbelievable volcano that takes you to view the Island from incredible distances! We walked through the middle of the crater all the way to the top! Ally and Lauren did an amazing job at keeping spirits up on this challenging climb! Liza and Lindy got creative with their cameras and snapped a couple of photos in tunnels, and spectacular stairways.

We got to cool down at Wet ‘n Wild Hawaii for the afternoon – a water park that had some refreshing and splashing rides! Noah, Aidan, Jonah and Ron all had a fun time riding The Tornado – A 3-4 person raft ride that drops you into a huge funnel until you splash down into the swimming pool! Peter, Brian and Jack played some cards at the pavilion while Rachel and Lindsey decided to take it on the easier side by relaxing at the pool and laying out catching some sun!

After a full day of climbing and adventure, we headed back to the resort to get ready for Bubba Gumps!  It’s time for a beach and pool day at the Hilton! Jenna and Gabby sat out, while Cameron and Joey swam in the lagoon and ocean, and Max, Adam and Sean walked around the village to explore the shops on the property. By the time dinner came around, everyone had gotten a nice tan and had smaller group dinners – the boys went to a steak house while the girls went for Italian! Everyone came back with big smiles and full stomachs and had a nice leisurely walk back to the hotel!

The evening was spent on the beach in circles laughing about all the memories we have shared thus far. Maegan, Cory, Patrick, Devon and Sam decided to do some beach aerobics!

As we all may know, Pearl Harbor is a must see in Hawaii … Learning about the attacks and hearing the trip members add details to the story shows just how much they cared and what they learned in school about the attacks on December 7th ,1941. Jordyn and Abigail took a picture with one of the veterans and had a great conversation with him! After a short boat ride to visit the USS Arizona memorial, we paid our respects to those that were lost, and watched a short movie about the attacks and the history behind it all.

On our way back, we had some lounging time by the pool, but had to get ready for our authentic Hawaiian Luau! We saw the cultural side of the islanders and partook into their traditions of dance, food, and hula lessons! Patrick and Sam got in full authentic luau gear and danced up on stage for over 1,200 people who were at Paradise Cove! A little later in the evening, Raquel got up on stage with a professional hula dancer and learned a couple of moves of her own! With the music playing in the background, she did an excellent job and got a cheer from all 1,200 people! Back at the hotel, we all went to the beach for closing ceremonies … we shared some stories, shared even more laughs, and reminisced about the last 25 days we spent together!

What an incredible adventure it has been! From the land down under, to the white sand beaches of Hawaii, everyday has contributed to truly making this the summer of a lifetime!


The Australian Outback + Hawaii Crew

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