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Adventures in Ventura – California & The Canyons

Hello from the charming beach town of Ventura, California!

We’ve had a jam-packed couple of days. We arrived in Lake Tahoe on Day 4, where the initial views of the snowcapped mountains and sapphire lake got plenty of “oohs” and “ahs” out of our trip members. Before setting up camp, we went white-water rafting! “That was SO fun!” Danielle exclaimed after getting out of her raft. Tommaso and Zach were applauded for their awesome paddling skills and ability to maneuver their raft around obstacles. Isaac, Chelsea, Taylor and Ani all went swimming in the refreshing river after arriving safely at the end of the rapids.

On our ride to the campsite, Caroline introduced everyone to an awesome playlist for the bus ride. When we arrived, the trip members helped each other to set up camp and our tents up together! Later, we played games and had a snack before heading off to bed.  “Bonding at night was so fun” Grace said after waking up the next morning. After breakfast, we spent the day on the shore of Lake Tahoe! “It’s so beautiful here, I love it” Ashley marveled. As some trip members enjoyed relaxing on the beach and playing sports, others took turns waterskiing and tubing. Tyler, Sam and Colin all got up on water-skis (and it was Colin’s first time!). Hannah made hilarious faces as she flew across the water while tubing, and Jackie bravely asked the boat driver to go faster. Suzie taught one of our trip leaders, Josh, how to braid hair while hanging on the beach. Later, Jordan and Lauren assisted in cooking a delicious BBQ right next to the water.

In the afternoon, we headed to the other side of the lake, where a beautiful boat was waiting for us! Molly, Hannah, Josh, and Taylor enjoyed the comfortable couches on the lower deck, while Morley, Ashleigh, Max, Matt H., Abby, Sophie, Julia and Taylor went all the way to the very top. After coming back to the campsite, Matt L., Colin, and Rachel helped to cook a festive Mexican meal. We ended the day by having a campfire, “I love bonfires, the s’mores were yummy” Jennifer said.

The next morning we packed up camp and ate breakfast. Philip, Danny, Dylan, Alex, and Ari had their first In-N-Out burgers, which they greatly enjoyed. We played “Name That Tune” (which Alli dominated) and “Counselor Trivia” to pass the time on the bus. After arriving at our next campsite in Ventura, we set up camp and went out to dinner in the downtown area.

Yesterday, we woke up and did our first laundry! It was many of our trip members first time at a Laundromat and it was quite the experience!! Once everyone loaded the machines we danced along to the music on the radio while waiting for our clothes to wash and dry. After a great lunch we went to check out the Pacific Ocean and the beach! Many of the boys played frisbee in the sand, while Robert jumped into the water, despite the chilly temperature. After the beach, we went to the movies, where half of our trip saw Spiderman 3, while the other half saw Moonlight Kingdom.

We’ve had such a wonderful time in Ventura, and everyone is excited to explore sunny LA!

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