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A Lobby Abduction! – Eastcoast Encounter

I was very upset to read that Lobby ALMOST went missing. Details are below!

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Where to begin? On our final night in Washington D.C., while at the Nationals baseball game, we started the wave! The entire stadium joined in, making a huge ripple in the stadium. We were very proud.

We then headed to Virginia Beach, and first made two great stops. The first one at Water Country USA. In the afternoon, we headed for Busch Gardens. The most popular ride was the Griffin. We had a Lobby (mascot) abduction! On day 18, Allen had Lobby abducted by Alex D. while at the Spy Museum (very appropriate). Allen thought he lost it, so he purchased a stuffed Wooly Mammoth to replace him by the name of Wooly. Once we figured out Lobby was still with us, we welcomed the addition of Wooly to our camper of the day. On day 20, Liza received Lobby and Sarah got Wooly!

On our last full beach day, a major highlight was the chance to surf Virginia Beach! The surf instructor said Nicole did great. She was able to catch a few waves! Some beach entertainment featured sand tunnels by Bette and Kate and sand castles by Pamela.

In the evening, we had a banquet dinner and dance to bid farewell to the 21 day tripmates! After the dinner, we auctioned off different items on the trip. It was not a money bid! In the end, Lauren got the trip map, David got silly string, and others got items as well.

As I type this, our banquet is just beginning.  Everyone is enjoying each other’s company for the last night of us all together by taking pictures, hanging out, and exchanging cell numbers. We have enjoyed keeping you updated on the trip, and hope you and your kids have a great rest of the summer!

Eastcoast Encounter Staff!