California & the Canyons for Middle School students

Stargazing takes on two completely different meanings when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and when you’re sitting around a campfire underneath the night sky in Bryce Canyon. This trip truly has it all – the magic of California combined with the beauty of canyon country. Incredible cities, breathtaking National Parks, adrenaline pumping activities, and an unbelievable group dynamic will lead to your once-in-a-lifetime summer with unforgettable memories!

California Sprint for Middle School students

This is your opportunity to experience all of California … and enjoy everything it has to offer. The excitement of San Fran, the adventure in Tahoe, the waves of the Pacific Ocean, the magic of LA and sunshine in San Diego. Prepare to be amazed by the state’s diverse landscape and unforgettable sites. With the perfect combination of activity and chill time, you’re in for one incredible summer program for high school students.

Californian Extravaganza for Middle School Students

You’re in for the teen tour of a lifetime as you travel through the Golden State this summer! This incredible itinerary takes you on a loop from the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, down the coast of California into canyon country. In between, you’ll have the chance to raft the Snake River, surf the Pacific, conquer […]

European Discovery

List everything you’d want to see and do on a trip through Europe. Now compare that list with the itinerary highlights below. We’ve got it all covered! You’ll traverse four countries through Europe’s greatest cities hitting all the major attractions and taking in all the incredible sites on this once in a lifetime teen tour. Get […]

Eastcoast Encounter

It’s wet and boy is it wild. This teen tour gives you the best that the east coast has to offer. What’s wet: a duck tour, whitewater rafting, waterskiing, wakeboarding, experiencing Niagara Falls on the Voyage to the Falls, jet boating and so much more. What’s wild: an evening at the theater seeing Shear Madness, a high ropes […]

California Community Service

on Pre-College Enrichment California program at UCLA This program is for those who choose the Community Service full day option on our Pre-College Enrichment California Program. Most people think of Southern California and Los Angeles as celebrity-spotting and gorgeous beaches. But the reality is that SoCal is incredibly polarized, with millions of people living in […]

French Language On Pre-College Enrichment: Montreal

On the Campus of McGill Spend the summer learning French in Montreal, the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world after Paris. Attention will be given to grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing with the ultimate goal of enhancing your verbal skills. We don’t just want you to know Français; we want you to be […]

Montreal Pre-College Enrichment

On the Campus of McGill Study and live in one of the world’s most international and vibrant cities, Montreal, Canada. Choose from many courses including learning to speak French, study Psychology with McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, learning to cook like a professional chef, and boosting your creativity in our photography course. The exciting city […]

American Red Cross Community Service

Washington, D.C. is not only the vibrant capital, but it’s been the home of the American Red Cross National Headquarters since 1881. The Red Cross through its network of volunteers, donors and partners is always there to help people affected by disasters, provide lifesaving blood and blood products, help communities stay safe, teach lifesaving skills, […]

TOEFL Preparation – English For Non-Native Speakers On Pre-College Enrichment: California

Colleges and Universities worldwide use TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores to determine admission decisions. Our instructors help you prepare for the test effectively. Imagine the world of possibilities this test opens up to you! This test demonstrates you have the English language skills necessary for an academic classroom. Our instructors guide […]