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International Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted on our programs and most trip members bring them for convenient communication with family back home.

While cell phones enable convenient communication and provide peace of mind, they can, if overused, be disruptive and harmful to a successful group experience.  We have some reasonable restrictions on use during group activities such as meals, in order to promote a positive social experience.

Domestic Programs

On domestic programs, just about all travelers bring their cell phone.

International Programs

On international programs, the majority of travelers have international cell phones. There are several different options.

Renting International Phones

If you are planning on bringing a cell phone, your local phone may or may not work in the specific country overseas. You need to check with your local carrier and be sure your phone will work internationally. For a number of our international programs, we have arranged a discounted phone rental option for you and that information will be in your pre-trip information package. When traveling abroad, renting a phone can greatly reduce the cost over using a cell phone from home and incurring roaming charges. Renting phones is simple and should be arranged prior to departure.  We cannot help you purchase or rent phones once the trip begins, even at the airport.

Calling Cards

Calling cards are easy to use abroad and are inexpensive to purchase. You can easily purchase calling cards once you arrive at your destination, just be careful if you are traveling to several countries as many are country specific.  You may also prefer to purchase one before you depart so that you are familiar with how it works. Our pre-departure information will offer suggestions on phone cards to use based on our past experience.


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