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Full-Time Team

If we have learned anything over three decades of providing thousands of teens with the memories of a lifetime, it is that it takes an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable team working closely together to weave together the thousands of moving parts of a successful travel experience. For you, it all appears as a finished masterpiece but behind the scenes there are many actors and supporting cast to deliver this performance. Forgive us if it is a bold statement, but we think both our team and our teamwork are unrivaled in our industry and benefit you every step of the way.

Collectively we have traveled to over 109 countries from Anguilla to Zimbabwe. That’s many nights on many roads exploring new places. That love for exploring is surpassed only by our passion for inspiring teens to experience the world around them as well. But we warn you, the travel bug is infectious, once you start the only cure is to keep traveling!

And from our extensive travels, one thing that is clear is that there is more to any trip than seeing new places, sampling different foods and trying world-class activities. You’ll always remember who you meet along the road and who you are creating travel memories with. It’s with that in mind and our years rooted in summer camp that we strive to build closely knit communities on each of our programs. So whether it be our 34th year running the American Voyageur or our 7th year operating Family Vacations in Costa Rica, the goal is the same, bring a group of people together to appreciate each other as much as their new surroundings. Our team has over 390 summers combined working in teen travel not to mention another 119 total summers working in camps. This wealth of experience combined with our incredible depth and reserve of resources enables us to maintain the highest quality in student travel.

Our value system is a key to our success – safety, supervision, enthusiasm, a sense of team and a commitment to each and every traveler who joins us. As a group we are the parents of 28 kids ranging from toddler to grad-student. We understand that enrolling on our program is honoring us with the greatest trust of all, the care of your own daughters and sons. We take that trust incredibly seriously and invest in our many systems and safety protocols, always mindful of your concerns.

We’ve put a smile on the faces of over 29,000 travelers who’ve chosen to spend their summers with us. Actually, that’s parents too now with Family Vacations during the December holiday vacation period and students from schools traveling on the custom trips we plan and operate throughout the year.

When you put it all together you get dynamic groups with vibrant personalities visiting remarkable destinations. That’s what makes the difference in the lives of our travelers! Our team is dedicated year round to creating exceptional, meaningful, rewarding experiences and we look forward to showing you the summer of a lifetime.


Those of us on the frontlines are always happy to speak with you to get to know you. The more we understand who you are, from any of your concerns to what you’re looking to accomplish this summer, the better we are able to recommend the most suitable program. We take pleasure in answering your questions and providing fanatical customer service. We see ourselves as part concierge helping you with anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and part group dynamics specialist (ask us about the “common laugh” or “second impressions”). We look forward not only to speaking with you, but getting to know you and your family. Please don’t rely on e-mail alone to get information from us as there are many subtle differences and some large ones in choosing the perfect travel program and we know that a conversation is the best place to explore that decision.


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Middle Row – Jordanna • Erica • Alexa • Dixie
Front Row – Lindsay • Symon

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Whoever said “don’t sweat the small stuff” never worked in the backbone of our operation, the Trip Planning Department. We pride ourselves in paying painstaking attention to detail and nowhere is this more evident than with our dedicated Trip Planners. For every program we operate, there is a unique set of daysheets that go far beyond the basics. Sure we map out the right and left turns, list the nearest hospitals, supermarkets, laundry facilities and all the other predictable needs along with providing a detailed itinerary. But it’s the organized tips and helpful comments that cause our leaders to swear to us they have never been more prepared to hit the road. Because our Directors and leaders on the road are not busy researching and reserving, they have that much more time to foster positive group dynamics and provide that one-on-one attention supporting our “EACH & EVERY” philosophy that is so critical to your experience being magical. Our planners carefully source new activities and suppliers through our well honed review process to maintain the highest safety standards possible. Itineraries offered by other companies may look similar to ours, but there really is a difference in operations and our travelers benefit from this in-depth pre-trip planning and preparation. We welcome discussing with you what makes our programs run so incredibly smoothly.

The Trip Planning Team

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Front Row: LoriSandi

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With programs in 21 countries, that’s multiple currencies to manage and thousands of suppliers to pay. We pay tribute to our accounting department whose skill and experience goes beyond making sure Trip Directors and leaders are properly funded. Their experience managing foreign exchange and setting up systems is tied closely to our Trip Planning team so we can make sure our leaders and Directors are spending time with the teens on their trip nurturing the family feeling and summer bonding rather than buried in trip finances. Conscientious, detailed and meticulous work is required to make sure every traveler gets the proper trip information and forms. And just about every year we actually will have two travelers with the identical name. If even that doesn’t confuse our database gurus, you know we have the best people for the challenge of keeping it all straight.

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